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Keyword density analyser - software tool Keyword density analyser is a compact and simple to use software that can help you evaluate your web pages and measure your on page keyword density.  It's very simple and at the same time very difficult to discuss keyword density for a web page. If you run a competitive analysis and save the cached versions of your competitions web pages that are well positioned it is very likely that you will find yourself very confused by just looking at the numbers a software like this offers for considerations.

In fact there is no hard rule by which you can go to identify the ideal keyword density. Keyword density can vary from just a fraction of a percentage to well over 20%.  

Many get obsessed with definitions and what they hear others mention in forums and how this guy or the other has had a good experience and achieved good search engine positioning with such and such criteria – forget it. Your web site will differ from all the rest you are a world of your own and I can only advise you to disregard what you hear around …

So why bother measuring keyword density ? That's a good question. In principle when I write some copy I will not measure any parameters. I want it to read nicely, it has to be something worth reading. I'll set it to rest for a while, depending on what I have to do, and then get back to reading it with fresh eyes to make some corrections and perhaps try to "squeeze in" keywords where they fit (remember it has to sound good when you read it).

Only then I can eventually use GRKda for some analysis in particular circumstances (here's the tip):

  • When dealing with established web sites indexed and have good potential to rank (read they have been online for at least a year or more and have some good incoming links)  there may be a competitor already ranking for some specific keywords and you'll want to rank just as well if not better.
  • In these cases you might want to run a quick competitive analysis between your copy and theirs BUT you'll want to make sure that you're comparing apples with apples – one of the factors that will tell you if your site is associable with your competitors is a external link evaluation:
    • how many links do the 2 sites have ?
    • is the quality of incoming links more or less the same ?

Only if you have some pretty good information (and thus a good understanding of your web site and where it fits into the big picture) you can do some tweaking with tools like GRKda. 

More often than not new comers to SEO do just the opposite, they attempt to achieve rankings by setting a fixed keyword density believing it will help them rise to the top of the search engines – don't count on it unless you are dealing with very specific industry specific composite keywords. But in that case you won't need any software to do the job will you ??  

NOTE: I am in now way affiliated with this or other software I may discuss in my posts.