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SEO software tools – web analytics software, website statistics

SEO Software tools, web analytics software, website statistics

Web site statistics are the starting point of your research to monitor your visibility on the search engines and further expand your reach. Unfortunately many hosting solution providers do not offer as a standard service good web statistics: without them you are lost. In some cases web statistics software offers some aggregated information on your website performance that give little if no help at all when you start asking questions.

Deep Log Analyser is a web analytics software I use to run detailed analyses for small and medium size websites. The limitation is the size of the log file to be read and elaborated. For large log files a complete run can take hours.

This SEO software tool offers complete web statistics and provides in depth information that most website statistics do not provide such as:

  • search engine spidering activities
    you can actually see which pages have been spidered and how many times they have been visitedDeep Log analyser - website statistics analysis
  • Referrals from websites and search engines

    DLSD- Referrals

Pricing ranges from $ 149,95 for the standard edition to $299,95 for the professional edition. 

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  1. Sante: Another free option to consider to do the measurement that you are suggesting is to use ClickTracks Appetizer:

    It is free and works really well and you would look at a specific report called Robot Report to give you what you want. (I am not compensated in any way by ClickTracks, I am a user.)

    Web Analytics Blog @

  2. It’s funny you mention clicktracks as I am in the process of purchasing this software tool

    Thank you for your contribution

  3. Some other good options are Google Analytics and Google is good for the marketer and phpmyvisites is a little more ‘hardcore’ but is easily extendable.

  4. It took me several hours to check all my stats in even Analytics which I believe that don’t provide stats in depth so what will happen if i shall have a such tool? I think tools which are provided by hosting companies are just crap, however I am not in the favor to spend money on such tools as well.

  5. I am using Logaholic php stats that parsed through the apache logs. It is clean and very fast and not realtime so it reduces the load on the webserver. It is quite nice