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SEO Tools and Software: GRSeo Search Engine Optimizer

Another SEO Software tool of the GRSeo suite is Search Engine Optimizer, a software that provides a series on on page parameter evaluations.

There are a rather large number of on site parameters that search engines track and use to evaluate how your web site was built. This software tracks them and identifies errors and or problem areas. 

The initial cost of the software (now listed at  $ 149,00) comes with an annual subscription that is renewed for $ 99,00.

It can be very useful when you have created a new web page and want to run an overall chek out to see if you have overlooked any areas. Just be careful you do not focus your attention on the warnings that are based on statistical analyses and should be taken as broad recommendations rather than hard limits you should stick to. 

In many ways I find this software similare to the Page Critic of Web Position Gold, but provides a much more in depth analysis.

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  1. Manchester SEO

    Looks like a great piece of software!