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This is my last introductory post on SEO Tools and SEO software – It’s enough to break the ice and get the conversation started. I saved the best for last as this is the most frequently addresed topic when it comes to SEO and achieving top positions on the search engines.

Links are a fundamental ingredient. Posts on links and linking strategy will follow, hopefully at a higher frequency as work slows down during the month of august.

Linking and reciprocal linking are a very complex issue that people often underestimate to a great extent. I use Zeus. If you are new to linking and linking strategies my advise it to do some reading on the subject before you undertake any link exchange activities.

Zeus is a rather complex software built to satisfy your linking strategies that can be used to identify potential partner sites It takes quite some time to understand all the functionalities the software has to offer. There are 3 interfaces:

  • easy
  • intermediate
  • advanced

Before you can commence your link partner research you’ll need to train the software with keywords that identify potential partner web sites. Unfortunately the software does not allow an automatic upload of keywords – you’ll have to enter them manually – this feature definitely need some updating. Keywords are allocated to categories and can be switched form one to another after uploading.

Once you have trained the software with a minimum number of keywords (100 is the default recommended) you’ll need to identify sites to start your search for partners.

Let the robot explore the web for about an hour, maybe two, then check the results – if they are not good you’ll have to review your keywords. In the train section you also must review the web sites that are lined up to be visited in future to eliminate off topic web sites

The better you are at doing keyword research the better the quality of your results.

Don’t be fooled, this is HARD work: It would be even harder if you didn’t use software like this. In the everyday use there have been frequent incidents of software crash and instability that are very frustrating. I’ve recently read on some blogs that software like this is useless – I disagree.

This is a modelling software you are the master of your success or failure, software is only a tool, it depends on how you use it …

More information on Zeus link marketing robot versions and pricing is available here

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  1. SEOer

    Zeus is a yesterday in SEO… Noone is interested in it any more… 🙂

  2. Well teh fact is that I often take the opportunity to blog on topics based on keywords that show up in my blog statistics and I happedn to find Zues which actually ade me think of blogging on SEO tools and talk about Zeus.

    You may be right – There are sooo many tools out there and more coming out every day. In my view the real issue isn’t the tool but the reasoning and the model behind that require attention and skill …

  3. Yes I’m agree with you. Link exchange means reciprocal link right and in SEO there is no value of reciprocal links. So I like only oneway links. By the way that was a nice read.

  4. Hi,
    Its a informative blog.Actually i am looking for the information regarding link exchange softwares and i am glad i found your blog.I am new to this seo field, so i am not much aware of seo tools and provide a useful information in your really it is very much helpful for me.I going to try this Zeus right now.Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. I haven’t used Zeus but did find another program (a service actually) that is quite useful and gets around the so-called reciprocal link problem. Jonathon Leger runs the service called Three Way Links. You basically join a consortium of sites that only link one way. A links to B links to C links to A. This way, all of the incoming links are unique in that you don’t link back to them. You do however have to link to other sites. It’s all done automatically with a code snippet on your site. Works pretty well and I actually have some PR5 and PR6 sites linking to me.

  6. Well like I say, linking isn’t about links in the first place, it’s about creating a resource for your users, one that will look good also to the search engines and make them want to rank it for specific keywords and phrases. So the software is just a tool to automate those low level activities that can be very time consuming.

    I’d be careful about the ABC linking strategies – this kind of thing is easy to see and understand from the search engine perspective- they have a birds eye point of view – don’t forget that 😉

  7. I’m not agree with you. in SEO reciprokal link aslo has some benifits. because you got link from his website .

  8. I’am used to work with “LinkAssistant”

  9. Reciprocal linking does work but not for SEO purposes. If you use reciprocal linking between relevant sites but not ones that are in direct competition with you will both benefit from targeted traffic to both your sites.

    Three way linking at the moment is working and can boost SEO but it has been said that Google can recognise 3 way links. Whether they start discounting them or not is a different story.

  10. Well a good post on SEO. And thanks for providing the information on Zeus. A very helpful post indeed.

  11. In regards to the Zues program, I would agree that this software is somewhat outdated. However, I have used it in the past. The most important thing that it does, in my opinion, is that it allows you to customize each email sent. It is a tedious process because you have to sit there and use your eyeballs and think up a comment for each and every site. This way you’ll get the best response, and people won’t consider your email as spam and you have better chances of getting that link. I wish they would modify the program to allow for the import of a list of urls like the Arellis program. I have a spider that can grab urls at the blink of the eye for a keyword phrase. Why wait for Zues to sit there and “grade” everything..

    It’s more important than anything to have a form at your site that can capture links from people browsing your site. If people want to link to you, why not make it easy for them? My site, is a consortium of websites who are looking to exchange links with sites that are relevant to theirs. For more information, click the learn more link at the site. There are 2 quick videos.

  12. I believe reciprocal links does play quite some role in giving weight to your web pages. Especially LE with High PR sites.

  13. I guess reciprocal links, especially 2-way link exchange, now are almost useless. I am looking for external link for my sites in my Google webmaster tool panel, and find less 10 links

  14. All of the mentors that I talk with tell me that reciprocal links are no where nere as effective as one way links.


  15. I searched Google for the words they claim to be no. 1 for and they weren’t even on page 1. This software seems to rely on old seo methods.

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  19. I have been doing off page seo but haven’t used Zeus. It’s quite helpful to automate things but sometimes there are changes that we need to adjust on things.

  20. Steve_P

    Very helpful. Thankyou.