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SEO Tools – Take a look at my Desktop !

Search Engines - SEO Tools This is a (partial) screenshot of my desktop. These are the tools that I have collected over the years and from time to time I put them all to use. Each and every SEO software has advantages and functionalities that are unique to it. So far I have not found a tool that can perform all the tasks that I run. But them SEO is such a personal thing that each and every one of us develop a way of working that differs even in the smallest details. That's what makes this job so interesting, and even more so the exchange of information and ussage of SEO tools. 

I do quite a bit of hands on SEO and my desktop has a rectangular shaped corner where I keep SEO icons ready for use. You'll notice there are not sooo many different Items here. Because in fact I do not use very much software. 

SEO Software tools are not very expensive, so from time to time I add one to my collection after downloading and testing. I like to change and a new software tool, that has a different interface, new features is a way to break the routine 🙂

SEO Software tools are a very important part of my job but the importance and relevance of your gut feeling in reviewing a site cannot be replaced by software. The quality of your analysis depends only on your capability and judgement. 

External links have played a major role in online visibility for web sites over the past few years and this has favored the proliferation of linking analysis software.

More traditional tools concentrate their efforts on web page structure and content and measure a variety of on site parameters

I'll start out talking about a few of the simpler (and older) SEO tools that I keep and use from time to time as a way to walk talk about some of the basic "on site" issues such as keyword density and page structure so that you can keep your page in good order and have clean HTML code.

You might recognize some of the icons, I'm pretty sure you'll never figure out which animal populates my desktop …