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Web position (WP) is a tool that has accompanied me in many projects over the past 6 years. As industry evolves WP has change quite a bit, version 4.0 has implemented a number of useful features for tracking and monitoring search engine placement (or positioning).  

I feel that anyone who has been in this field for a while will agree that this is more an art rather than a science – I’ve come around to state this several times in this line of posts (if anyone would like to contribute with considerations leading to different conclusions please make yourself heard).

We all seem to find different paths which lead to achieving our objectives. Software is just a tool that helps automate and expedite procedures that would take just tooo long to do manually – always keep this in mind.

So how do I use WP ? There are a number of functionalities and procedures available, some I use, others I don’t

  • Submitter
    • IMHO this kind of functionality is just useless: You don’t submit pages to the search engines, you work your way into search engines via external links.

      I haven’t submitted a page to a "Submit Here" box in years. What’s even worse is that people are lead to believe that when a page changes it must be submitted again – NO !

      Software companies should take on the burden to remove this fake feature and just tell people "we don’t provide it anymore because it’s useless".

      If you have a new site just submit to directories actively pursue external linking (I’ll talk about that in the near future) and leave it at that.

  • Page Critic
    • If you’re new to SEO and don’t know where to start you might consider building your pages and reviewing them with this tool. It analyses your page and provides suggestions as to how you should modify your content to have "the perfect page".

      Generally speaking this kind of advice is based on statistical analysis of many top ranking pages for hundreds of queries which take into account on site parameters: we know that search engine placement depends on external linking (quality and quantity).

      You can use it as a general guideline to make sure you don’t over do it with keywords and that you haven’t overlooked anything in the process of setting up your pages. Just keep in mind how this advice was compiled and the assumptions that are the essential ingredients of the software model.

  • Page Builder
    • This is a neat feature that is very helpful building new web page. You set up a web page template once that you can use time and time again to create new content for your web site.
  • Reporter
    • The reporter feature is used to track you web site positioning on the search engines. This feature has been openly criticized by the search engines simply because people misuse it. You don’t need to run a report on your search engine placements 4 time a day.

      No matter how many times you run it you’ll hardly ever find to reports that are identical. Use APIs to interface with the search engines, run your reports over night.

      I feel this feature will be less and less used as we tend to concentrate our efforts on a vary large number of minor keywords that bring in quality traffic (= the long tail)

      The analytics of this feature have improved significantly fro the previous version, providing search engine visibility history as well.

  • Scheduler
    • A useful feature that can run the reports for you automatically and send them vai Email. 

Like all SEO tools and software, Web Position offers routines and functionalities that will help you in your SEO efforts if used properly, don’t be fooled into thinking your problems are solved by purchasing a $149,00 SEO software … they’ve only just begun !

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  1. See SEO is getting more and more complicated with every single update in algorithms of search crawlers. Most of Softwares meant for boosting rankings are lacking latest updates, and hence the best tool is to hire a seo expert you will guide you through various aspects of search engines.

    Seo India

  2. As a Consultant I agree entirely 🙂 but there are a number of new comers to search engine optimisation and many are lead to believe that a software purchase can lead to top search engine placements, but we know it’s not like that – in fact, I know I insist alot on this issue, it all depends on the accuracy of your model and your assumptions that can put software and SEO tools to work for you. Without expert judgement and experience software tools can actually do more damage than good – at least in my opinion


  3. I agree with what you are sying Sante.

    For me how are reading almost everything on the internet about SEO, its a bit hard to understand that there are so many SEO experts out there. They believe that their newly bought software can do magic for them. I agree that the SEO software are great tools, I use them by my self, but YOU must understand what you are doing and not only pressing some buttons.

  4. Yes, just punching ina few keywords and pushing a few buttons isn’t going to do the job in this environment that is getting more anad more competitive every day. When you add the Web 2.0 elements the puzzle becomes even more complex – I’ll be talking about this at the conference ( – the plane leaves tomorrow morning at dawn …

  5. You make a good point Sante about the changing landscape of SEO. With the evolution of web 2.0 and other social net based initiatives, the search engine optimization process has changed for ever. The issue with using software based SEO products is that they tend to lag in adopting new effective optimization techniques. Nothing beats the human touch when it comes to driving a website up the search rankings.

  6. Absolutely, Thanks for your contribution 🙂 After years of hands on work the human touch is indeed 2nd best to none. However the job would be just too tedious and boring without the help of good software. Unfortunately many take software tools THE solution and make a big mistake by doing so: not only is it a mistake, but is also one of the causes on so much SPAM out there on the Search Engines.

  7. i do agree to your comment. great post. your informations are really good and useful for me to find web postition. i do visited the url of the tool. if we want to use the tool means do we need to be registered user ? its free tool or paid one?

  8. Hai buddy, I have so many doubts in SEO tools but now I cleared in the SEO tools – web position for search engine optimization and positioning, WP has change quite a bit, version 4.0 has implemented a number of useful features for tracking and monitoring search engine placement.

  9. Can also give Keywordspy a try. is a Keyword Research Tool that helps identify what keywords competitors use, with results actually reflecting what advertisers are using at the current time. –

  10. Or, you could get SiteBuildIt and have all those features plus web site building software plus support.