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White Paper on Web Analytics Accuracy


My friend Brian Clifton has written a number of Whitepapers – the most recent one based on a chapter of his his new book, Advanced Web Metrics and Google Analytics, is an interesting read that sheds light on the world of Web Analytics.

We use numbers crunched by log files or web analytics tools but rarely take the time to analyse in depth their meaning or degree of accuracy.

This 16 page Whitepaper offers advantages and disadvantages of measuring website performance via Page tagging (use of on page javascript) or logfile analysis, with a list of 10 recommendations for web analytics accuracy.

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  1. Google site analytics is a great tool that every business should be using. For one it’s free, but it also provides incredible data and gives you great insight as to what is happening at your website. I am amazed at how many businesses that have no idea that this free tool is available.