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Buzz is mounting over the new and improved version of Via Lisa @Bruce Clay I read the Techmeme coverage where the roll out is said to include "significant advancements in core technology and consumer experience" – that sounds great so I took it for a test drive …

I ran a query that I happen to be working on these days related to weddings and getting married in Italy ((I’m not  going to disclose the exact query not to compromise my Clients and the results so far achieved)) – I do business with professionals in this market and have sites ranking in the top 10. Getting married in Italy is a thriving business and quite competitive when it comes to rankings and organic placement.

Organic search engine placement isn’t a search engine specific activity – you work following criteria you know are good for the website and this will bring results across the board on all search engines – more or less: depending on your links and their heritage, a website achieves visibility that will vary depending on proprietary search engine algorithms.

When I run a query across the major search engines, I know the first 3 SERPs will carry mostly the same sites. But stands out, I am seeing completely different results, so I ran a detailed check on a website positioned at #3 for this query:

here’s what I found:

  • The domain name is relatively new (just over a year old)
  • Counts a small number of pages with questionable content
  • The number of incoming links is in the order of 100
  • all incoming links are coming from 10 IPs, 7 of which are on the same Class C, and all from the same provider (kind’a suspicious isn’t it ?)
  • The deep link ratio is ZERO

This site is ranking quite nicely and for a competitive keyword by setting up a mini-net re-enforced by links coming from a Free For All (and very popular) blogging platform here in Italy ( fake posts with fake comments and real links to the mini-net. How sad.

Take a look – seeing is believing.

So this is the new and improved ? Perhaps I’m missing something … please tell me where I went wrong, we all learn by our mistakes.

while I’m at it about I’d like to ask them what’s a guy gotta do to get a site into their index after (suddenly) disappearing more than 1 year ago ask the Pope to intervene ?

He’s close by and I do know a few people over at the Vatican City (just over 1 hour from where I work and  live) so that’s within my reach.

In case you are browsing in highlight nofollow liks mode you’ll notice that the last 3 links are all nofollowed – I think they don’t deserve and link love and they’re not getting it from me

2 Replies

  1. Good analysis. Just goes to show you that yes, which search engine you use does matter.

  2. It’s interesting that it didn’t take into account deeplinking, age etc. Although I do believe that Google is a little too “age-ist”. Oh well…the perfect algorithm won’t ever exist.