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Are Newspapers writing for the Search Engines or People ?

Drawing illustraing print used in my post on the topic: Are news papers writing for search engines or people ?

The online world is becoming an integral part of our daily life. We all turn to the web to catch up on news, subscribe to feeds to keep up to date on what is happening world wide and traditional media is well aware of this.

So aware in fact, web marketing and search engines techniques have made their way to Editors and Reporters seeking top placements on search engine results pages to increase their reach to old (and new readers). 

In a recent post from Nicholas Carr on this subject the conclusion is:

All writers have some kind of reader in mind when they put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. In the past, the ideal reader tended to be a human being. In the future, it seems, it will be an algorithm.”  

My reaction to that is: I wish it were so simple.

It was once upon a time in the late ’90s until link popularity, and web site reputation, were introduced.

Online and offline forces at workAs Off site factors began to play a significant role, it became harder and harder to game the search engines with tricks or achieve top positions for competitive search phrases by tinkering with page titles or keyword density alone – you’ll need much more than that to score. 

Are newspapers anxious to rank their stories on search engines ? You can bank on it.

Are they focusing on search engine algorithms to achieve this objective ? I hope not, for their well being.

Algorithm chasing isn’t the best way to go for those of us who are not technically savvy.

You don’t need to be technically savvy to achieve good rankings, especially if you are a journalist.  

Copy is the name of the game and that’s what a journalist knows best – I don’t understand why a professional of the pen would need to change habits believing this could help online visibility – just the opposite is most likely to occur: We see it every day with blogs. 

There is no such thing as a search-engine-friendly term when it comes to content creation, there are readers that will tend to search following certain patterns which tend to differ just enough to make search terms grow into the well known long tail of search.

Online readers are offered more and more information hubs every day so competition is increasing. Algorithms are seeking quality content and sooner or later they will find it, thanks to the help of off site contributions (links, bookmarks, tags, etc.)

This brings to mind a consideration I heard Danny Sullivan say over at just a few days ago on SEO and whether or not it is rocket science or down to earth – easy to understand – knowledge.

Looks more like the former after this discussion …

When I was in high school I can recall a teacher saying that everything is easy – if you know it.