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Choosing keywords for your web site


Once your site is up and running, and your organic placement is sending users to your web site the question is:

How can I increase my reach ?

One way is by increasing the number of keywords that provide top search engine positioning. But very competitive keywords require lengthy and labor intensive SEO efforts.

Choosing keywords for your web site can be a complicated task. It is certainly most important and will determine the outcome of your search engine optimization efforts.

All this is discussed and explained in the long tail theory: Many less competitive keywords rake in more traffic than fewer very competitive high traffic keywords.

The analysis of your web site statistics can be very enlighting in this respect. A good web site can have a long tail of thousands of keywords. The question is how do you identify the best keywords ?

The use of keyword inventories such as Overture, Google or Wordtracker – just to name the most popular – will help you mine those niche keywords that attract new qualified users. But this can be time consuming or require skills you may not have .

hittail.jpgHitTail is a service now in β which can help manage your keyword growth. The service is now free of charge. You register and are provided with a javascript code to implant into your blog template or web pages.

After doing so wait a few days, then login to your hittail account. Click on the suggestions tab and you’ll see what HitTail is suggesting you use to further increase your reach via niche keywords.

What isn’t clear to me is how they derive the keywords they suggest. I set up my account in a matter of minutes and had the javascript embedded in my WordPress template. It’s been there for a few days and is coming up with the first keyword suggestions.

I believe HitTail can be a useful tool to use along side your statistics and analytical tools – we’ll have to see what the pricing will be once it is out of β …

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  1. A tip – before a reader goes into the effort of tackling the Long tail, they may wish to try testing the short-tail with some PPC to see if they can properly monetize the traffic flow. Short tail might convert less frequently, but the traffic stream is there and could potentially avoid a major waste of time and resources.

  2. Yes, that’s a good point. In fact if you feel clueless about which keywords are most appropriate, the best thing to do is invest in a small PPC effort – it will certainly give you important information on keywords offering optimal conversion rates.

  3. i do agree with you.. the contents in the webpages plays a major role in pr and traffic means its that keyword used in content gives us good place in SERPs.. so we have to use the main keywords related to our product and business in our website to promote in search engines to get more traffic..

  4. Great piece! On this subject, you might be interested in my series on how to research and target Google keywords. I’d be interested in your feedback.