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First Supplemental results, now Page Rank …

Supplemental results will slowly become part of the past, and as the experts reserch on how to identify them, a new debate rises from forums and  blogs:

Is (this) Page Rank relevant to the community of webmasters ?

Danny Sullivan discussed this in the Daily Searchcast just a few days ago, this recent post is yet another signal that people are talking …

I see a few essential points in this discussion:

  • Is Page Rank as we know it today a useful tool ?
  • Should we be entitled to knowing our real page rank ?

Is (this) Page Rank useful ?

Well especially now that we no longer have a reliable access to the supplemental results, Page Rank is a health indicator and provides insight on the quality of web sites: If the PR toolbar is gray on your  pages (PageRank:unranked) for too long, and on too many pages, then you probably have a problem and need to address it.

On the other hand, when visiting a website that has a healthy PR=6 then you know this site is a respectable one ((that is unless they are spoofing it )) in the eyes of Google …

Does it really make a difference if you know our Real Page Rank ?

Well I don’t think so – if we are all working within the same frame of reference, then who the hell cares what the real value is. In the best of cases Google will reveal some information on this subject in Webmaster Central (for an even more intimate relationship).

But then if I think back a few days about what’s being said about SEOs:

If you are an SEO working on a smaller mom and pop type website and rank better than search engines feel you deserve to they may manually penalize your site. Some search engineers might decide to kill the redirect because they generally think of SEOs as being manipulative scum (even if they are unwilling to admit that publicly).

and some further considerations ((See my exchange on facebook with Aussie Webmaster)) I don’t think there is a real interest in sharing this information with us.

I think things can just stay as they are now – and you ?? What’s your opinion ?

5 Replies

  1. Supplemental results aren’t matter of past. They still exist, however Google doesn’t show them.

    Just for instance, try site:something.something and then put this into the Google query box: site:something.something/& – this will show you what’s still marked as supplemental. Then u can play with it and if you’re capable to lower this number as time goes by, you’re good at SEO 🙂 .

  2. yes i know supplementals aren’t gone at all – things are getting tougher at competition rises and so does the amount of money at stake – I suppose it’s only natural.

    In principle we know why it happens and what should be done to prevent going supplemental, but it will depend on how much people will be willing to spend …

  3. I’m really not sure how useful PageRank is, I mean if what you’re doing works you’ll see the results in increased traffic and conversions. So, why stress over PR? Just do your best job in SEO both on page and off page and judge the results by your traffic.

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