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Once you have optimized your web site for major traffic driving keywords your next challenge is to identify new keywords and continue developing your long tail. Major keyword research tools provide insight on keywords and searches performed by users on a statistical basis. This can be very useful if you are building a new web site and will give you vital information as to which keywords you should target right from the start.

Once you have achieved top rankings for those keywords what should you to to increase your online visibility ?

Hittail offers the possibility to generate traffic using information derived from search engine queries leading to your web site. The procedure is simple: You register and are provided with a javascript code to implement in your pages.

Once the code is on your pages, sit back and wait for events to unfold. Depending on the amount of traffic your web site generates, you’ll see the long tail build up day by day. In just under 3 weeks Hittail has elaborated a long tail of 800keywords. This is the head of my blog’s long tail. I set up my account on Nov. 16th. My Blog Long Tail designed by

You might be asking yourself:

what’s the differnce between hittail and my statistics software ?

AWstats or similar statistics software provide information on keywords and phrases used to reach your web site. Hittail will go a step further and elaborate this information and come up with keyword suggestions for you to use.

The concept behind hittail is the elaboration of your long tail of keywords that have the potential to generate traffic.

If you review your statistics you’ll probably find hundreds of keywords and phrases that users have used to reach you – but which ones are good and worth generating more content for ?

That’s the question hittail wants to answer for you.

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  1. Very interesting and informative blog, i love read keyword tool blogs very much, that blog only give new ideas and new keyword tool site to increase traffic, After i read your blog i can able to know about hittail sites. i like your blog, its very informative not only me surely it will be useful for all people thank you

  2. Hi,
    Its a informative blog.Now i am undergone Keyword research project.So really i feel it is very much useful and helpful for me.I had visited HitTail site and got registered.There i felt real time search hits.I agree it is easy to understand and actionable data.I recommended this tool to my friends and colleagues also.Thanks for valuable and precious information.
    Good Luck!