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Google Onebox at work in Italy

Today I was caught by surprise when I found onebox results in the Italian SERPs. With all the services Big G has been providing I put this one on the back burner waiting for the right time to take a closer look. The time has come.

Onebox results catch the eye of any web surfer, even more so the attention of web marketers and SEOs. Being placed in pole position on SERPs you can be certain it will catalyze a great deal of traffic to those sites who are being “oneboxed”.

With my limited (but growing) knowledge on the topic I set off to and ran a few very generic top level queries, and sure enough there they were:

my first query was for trains:

Results for the query trains in Italian on - it presents a onebox for

there it was with all top level interesting information for users to directly access the info (timetable, special rates, international home page)

I tried two very generic geographical queries, Rome

Query on for

What’s interesting to note here is that the Roma Football Club web site precedes the official municipality of Rome. Taking a closer look at you’ll notice how there are no links on the home page of that site and, to make matters worse, there is a ridirect to another page.

This is the result for Siena

Query for siena on

On I went to another generic search term – well being (=benessere)

Query on for

There it was again, this time on a commercial web site. Quite interesting.

I went on to perform more detailed queries and found more oneboxes out there – which queries you regularly run trigger the precence of a onebox ? this is interesting and useful information to share – let me know