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How has recent Google Update affected your rankings ??

Micheal Martinez at rightfully points out the importance of information revealed at SearchEngineWatch, where Big G “en-passant” reveals the use of 200+ “signals” to identify significant web sites to propose to their users.

Like many readers of that blog I was also under the impression that the number of parameters was more in the 100 ballpark, but something may have changed significantly . I have some information to share with the community you may find interesting … read on 🙂

The recent algorithm switch hit one of my web sites. It enjoyed prominent positioning ranking top 10 competing against 20 million pages. From day 1, when I took on this Client some time ago, there has always been a heated debate on use of a few keywords that were not “exactly” on target: Suffice it to say that their business is a “subset” of a more general one. Their rankings recently slipped to the 2nd page of SERPs.

I carefully reviewed the new web sites that are populating the top 20 results and must say that they are all relevant results and certainly deserve to be there more than my Client – I can still hear myself passionately debating with them and defending my thesis I later had to give up, after all they were paying and it was there call … you could argue that I wasn’t obliged to take on the job, but nobody wants to give up a good (paying) customer: at the end of the day we were only slightly off theme and I had warned them.

The end result of this update appears to have increased the quality of results, when compared to a previous set I had documented. Other strategic keywords were not (significantly) touched by the index shake-out.

Just out of curiosity I ran what I call a “pet query” to see how effective the update is against spam. The particular page that I have been following (for more than 2 years) is still there, TOP 10 ranking with 5 million pages competing.