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How old are your web pages ? Age influences search engine optimization

How old are your web pages ?


ge is a ranking factor that i rarely hear people discuss in forums or talk about in general in blogs as well. There is always a buzz on what can be bad for your web site (i.e. getting it banned from the search engines) but never enough talk about what is good for it. Age is a relevant factor that can help achieve good search engine placement as your web site goes on in the years. More often than not companies are prompted to change their web site and trash the old one – big mistake !!


Ever since you set up your web site for the very first time the clock started ticking. Content produced visibility, people discovered you via the search engines. Keywords provided leads, traffic and visitors bookmarked favorite pages and linked to your site. When you suddenly replace an “old” web site with a “new” one it’s like ripping a secular tree out of the ground – it will die.

Of course your website will not die but it will certainly suffer if you don’t consider the impact of such a traumatic transition will have: Just think of the links that will go lost when you delete your old pages …

This happens more and more as static web sites migrate to dynamic environments and CMS (Content Management Systems).

I made a presentation on this topis at Search Engine Strategies in Stockholm 2004:

Dynamic Web Sites

Migrate static content to a dynamic environment maintaining visibility

Interested in having a copy of the outline ? Contact me I’ll be glad to send it … I look forward to hearing from you now !