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How to get listed in the search engines, have great visibility and spend close to nothing !

I thought I'd set up a category called Search Engine Myths & Legends for those of you who aren't very familiar with search engine marketing. The idea came to mind just a few days ago after receiving a few spams from a “company”. I know most of my English speaking audience doesn't read Italian but,. Just the same, I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing the real thing … The spam reads (this is the exact translation): “Ladies and Gentlemen, while searching for your web site we realised it is not very well positioned on search engines. We bring your web site to the top positions of Google, MSN, YAHOO! We submit your web site to 900 search engines directories and web catalogs instead of € 349,00 only 299€ (one shot cost, no further charges) Try us – you don't run any risk If you are not satisfied with our services we'll give you back your money. We do not ask questions Order here with 4 weeks change of guarantee …” the message goes on but this is the best part – written in a coarse Italian. I was surprised to see these spams still around and smiled thinking to myself this spam is a complete waste of time and effort – who is still believing this kind of messages. Just a few hours later the exact same message arrived to a Client (enjoying significant search engine traffic), and forwarded the message, adding: TRANSLATION: Please take a look!! This gentlemen says our site is not positioned well!! we pay on Google and we are not there !!!!!!!! I couldn't stop laughing, and after a phone call to the Client (a small local business with limited online experience) I got to thinking how this Email may have affected many other people who received it and perhaps think search engines and web marketing burn down to a few hundred bucks, a few clicks and a bit of browsing and there you are N. 1 across the charts. So for those of you seeking some sense in the online madness her are a couple very basic tips I hope will help avoid falling into this kind of trap:

  • There are a handful of search engines that will make or break your web site
  • Search engine visibility is not a mere submission. I have not submitted a web site to the engines in years … and you should either !

This list could go on and on but I don't want to right now. If you'd like to add to the list please do ! The point is if it sounds very easy and very cheap, most likely there is something wrong …

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  1. nice website you have here. 🙂

    Very good point indeed. Even the company I work for almost fell into that trap. Submitting your site to search engine might be needed if your site is brand new but just because your site is submitted doesn’t mean it’s going to rank well for any keywords(as you have already stated).

  2. These ‘trap-comanies’ should be blocked by search engines

  3. Thanks for sharing this information.
    Hope many others would find it useful as I did.
    Great Work

  4. You are definitely right on that.

    It is a sad fact that there are still some who would fall for that crap making them just waste their money.

    In fairness to those who still do, submitting to search engines can get a site indexed, but when?

    There are many other means to get your site indexed without any cost and much much quicker.

  5. Ya i was suckered into using a company like this.
    what a waste of cash.
    I call out these guys when they post in forums, but still they get people.

    I just flag these email as spam, but i wonder how many people do the scam

  6. Honestly, I feel real bad for newbies because it is easy to get sucked into this kind of garbage. There will always be these sort of bottom feeders looking to rip off the unsuspecting. In the end you reap what you sow – it comes back in the end!

  7. Yes, I own a house painting website and I’ve gotten plenty of those emails. There will always be scammers to dupe the unsuspecting Web newbie. Sad but true.

  8. getting a good page rank is one of the hardest business here in the web and these spam email about search engine submission to get a good page rank thrive in these campaign,after reading some ebooks about seo i realized it’s just one of the options but unfortunately not a good one

  9. It’s too bad that people fall for this…and I like your style about not submitting sites to the search engines to get indexed. There are more ways to get indexed than submission…Plus, Yahoo wants you to pay them! Thats a scam in itself! 🙂 Lyndsey

  10. Honestly, I feel real bad for newbies because it is easy to get sucked into this kind of garbage. There will always be these sort of bottom feeders looking to rip off the unsuspecting. In the end you reap what you sow – it comes back in the end!

  11. I fell into this submission trap years ago. But I feel like you now and let link building get me indexed in search engines that matter.

  12. Caroline

    There is sooo much information out there that it is easy to lose track of what is happening. I first started with the ebook Honest Riches, and thought I could build a strong website off of it. And then there was SBI, which had a fantastic course outline of how to build an online business. In between there were so many SEO technique ebooks that threw me off track. I find that there is no reinventing the wheel. It should be good content no matter what.

  13. So many of these emails have come and gone in my spambox over the years.

    I can’t help but wonder, how many people actually fall for this tactic? Many larger hosting companies offer ‘we will submit your site to 1000 search engines’ and most of the list is complete spam. I once asked which sites, and I was given this huge list; and the sites included:,, google directory, google, google listings…What on earth?! I pressed the company further, and never heard anything more! lol

  14. I too wonder how people can fall for these scans but they do. It’s the same reason why there is so much SPAM out there – some poeple DO respond, buy drugs or think they’ll get rich over night

  15. Well I don’t know how any company can make such guarantees when they know ZERO about the site, owners and what their budget and capabilities are. It’s just insulting to one’s intelligence.

    The key thing I’ve learnt on SEM over the years – less is more.

  16. Brian Hare

    Yes,I get these messages all the time at least three times a month.If your site is already indexed then what is the purpose of submitting it again to the search engines.
    I think you’re right by not submitting to the search engines as there are many ways out there to ensure that your website is found quickly.