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Jatalla – The Human powered Search Engine

jatalla the human search engine

Jatalla is a new search initiative founded by Shelley Harrison. A search engine in the very early days of development, Jatalla relies on the principle that search results are better if people are in charge of organizing them.

Search engines base their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) on complex algorithms to identify the most relevant web sites corresponging to a query.

The Jatalla approach is based solely on relevance rankings performed by people. The users are literally the search engine motor and ranking mechanism that source results to end users queries.

To add a URL to Jatalla you need to register and log on – you may then cast a lexivote.

lexivote -

A lexivote is a user-submitted evaluation that consists of two parts:

  1. a search term
  2. at least one URL

The URL is that of the web page which the user believes to be most relevant to the search term. If more than one URL is submitted, the first URL in a given lexivote is weighted more heavily than the second, which is weighted more heavily than the third.

Jatalla search engine has been invited to showcase in the Technology Review Emerging Technologies Conference 2006 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), as announced in the Jatalla blog. Good luck !

Glimpse of Search to Come: User generated relevance ranking alorithms and build your own search engine model

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