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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged – the past few days have been totally devoted to the migration process from my PC to my … PowerBook! – more on that on a separate post.

I’ve had this post in the pipleline for some time about Question and Answer Solutions for a website: people are asking a lot of questions 24/7 all over the world – all kinds of questions, so having a Q&A service on your website is a useful service for your users – both new and old.

They guys at Lumin Creative asked me for some space to introduce their service and I gladly give them the opportunity to talk about their service in this post – there is no under-the-table-stuff going on here, it’s a simple "this is your opportunity to talk about your service on my blog" sort of thing.

A recent Hitwise Report shows that the top five questions and answer systems (Yahoo Answers, AnswerBag, etc) have grown at a rate of over 889% over the last two years, and astounding rate of growth on any scale.

This research shows that having a Questions and Answers system on a website is great collaboration tool generating traffic to your site and offering increased exposure to your products and services.

These systems work as if they were custom made for drawing new traffic, with minimal resources or effort directly from the current website or company who runs it. By allowing users to ask questions specifiic valued added content is generated to meet the needs and expectations of your readrship which is a great benefit and tool for the community: top answers and experts are highlighted and recognized through a point system.

The system is compatibile with search engine indexing criteria, making all Questions and Answers available online, attracting new users  thus new organic traffic that is extremely effective.


A website that recently launched their own platform was Edmunds with the recent launch of Edmunds Answers.

Try it out and come back to leave your comments


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  1. first visit… I was looking for a good blog/site for me to guide me for increasing traffic. this day I confuse about some blog directories and some social boomark, when I try to find some keyword with my post title, I confuse why gogle is listing my blog directory not my blog… I hope you can help and I can find the answer here.

  2. Very interestin idea of making traffic:)

  3. Ciao, ho notato che scrivi articoli sia in inglese che in italiano; visto che sare molto interessato alla cosa e isto che sei uno che ci lavora, potresti darmi delle dritte- un link, per esempio- magari ho saltato qualcosa e non ho letto un tuo articolo a riguardo? In parile povere, a parte il fatto che è la prima volta che vedo l’estensione .name in un Url, ma poi così non perdi i lettori di una delle due lingue? Ho visto che google permette di farci seguire o da un paese o dall’altro…. Io mi sono stancato di scrivere sun 2 blog diversi la stessa notizia. Mi piacerebbe scriverla in inglese se interessa più a questi e in italiano se interessa più agli italiani…

  4. Great idea about having a question and answer section on your website, in fact many types of websites can integrate it. And it’s free content. Great… Never though about it before.

  5. Scrivere su + blog è dispersivo e poi la scrittura in diverse lingue non vuol sempre dire una traduzione diretta 1to1 delle stesse cose – concetto sul quale si è dibattuto all’ultimo International Search Summit dove ho partecipato come relatore proprio su international blogging. Metterò sul blog la traduzione dell’hand-out che ho distribuito ai partecipanti e che parla proprio di questo …

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    Grazie per il tuo interesse ed il tuo commento

  6. Great idea about having a question and answer section on your website, in fact many types of websites can integrate it. And it’s free content. Great… Never though about it before.Very interesting idea of making traffic

  7. The first time I realized the importnace of question and answer section. Thanks for the post.

  8. Good idea of having a quesstion and answers blog in the website…also it’s a free content…no one would have thought about it ever…intersting.!

  9. Great idea buddy for this answer and question section you made.
    Keep up the good work

  10. Interesting reading and a novel idea. I shall be passing this on to my hubby who is the brains of our outfit, and is always on the look out for something new. No doubt we’ll be giving it a go.Thanks.