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Spam recognition Guide for Google Quality Rater

It was quite unfortunate that I missed the news of the new Google spam recognition guide for quality rater of the past few days – there has been (and will certainly be) a growing TAM TAM around the document and it’s content. I got there too late … the page now reads:

This document has been removed. Thank you for visiting beu blog

Too bad.

Posts on the subject offer indications on quality rating which provide some insight.

There is a constant mentioning of how user generated search engine queries are classified as:

  • navigational
  • informational
  • transactional

This classification is based on a search engine paper presented at the WWW 2007 Conference that took place in Banff, Alberta Canada nearly 1 year ago



The paper illustrating just this subject was written by:

  • Bernard J. Jansen
  • Danielle L. Booth
  • Amanda Spink

Determining the User Intent of Web Search Engine Queries

It is an interesting read I can only encourage –  il will improve your keyword research capabilities.

Posts on the subject:

  1. Updated Google Quality Rater Guidelines
  2. New Google Spam Recognition Guide for Quality Rater Reviewed
  3. The Google Quality Raters Handbook

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