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The Ideal Keyword density for your pages doesn’t exist

Site Pro Newsletter

Feeds and newsletters are an essential tool to keep up to date on what is happening in the world today. This is especially true when it come to SEO and search engines more in general. I follow a number feeds and newsletters – one of them is Site Pro.

The SiteProNews/ExactSeek Webmaster Newsletter often publishes tips and “how to” bits and pieces and today they featured a piece called:

The Essential 2007 Code Optimization Tutorial for SEO

I feel that point # 2 (in the section dealing with the BODY of your HTML) requires some further definition for those who are new to all this. James Kinsley states:

Your keyword should have a weíght of 2% on your page. This is the ideal percentage as if it is too high a search engine may penalize your page for sp@mming. Sp@mming is a term used to describe the action of webmasters that trick search engine page ranking systems (SEPRS) into thinking they are relevant in order to get a high ranking. These pages will not usually be relevant at all and simply “cäsh in” selling advertising space with the high traffíc they receive. Sp@mming is increasingly becoming a thing of the past as the search engine page ranking algorithms become more sophisticated. To work out the percentage weíght your keyword has, visit…

In principleI believe there is no figure you can suggest as a reference to anyone building a web page. There are so many parameters factored into the search engine algorithms that a specific keyword density weight is equivalent to discussing the sex of angels. Let’s take a closer look.

In the first place you need to distinguish HOW you are calculating your keyword density, using AND / OR. Simply put:

  • With AND you check for the complete phrase
  • With OR you check for the words that identify the keyword

SO which density are we referring to AND ?? OR ??

As an example, I ran a query on YAHOO! for SEO software and ran it thru a keyword density software using the 2 options

Analysis with the AND option

SEO keyword density analysis using the AND operator

Analysis with the OR option

SEO Keyword density analysis with the OR option

As you can see the keyword density can change considerably depending from just a fraction of a percentage upwards. There are cases of top placements with an excess of 9% keyword density in the OR modality, and I have witnessed values as high as 20%.

I (or you) could find hundreds of similar cases.

What’s important is to write decent copy where you use your primary keyword as often as appropriate. Linking is going to do the rest – at least in this day and (internet) age.

Now having said that I’d add my 2 cents and say that you could certainly increase the 2% threshold significantly. I won’t give you a hard figure because it’ doesn’t make any sense to build you pages around a figure.

Maybe you have some interesting information you’d like to share with me and the others reading up on keyword density for web pages … let’s hear it !