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Which is a typical bounce rate for your web site ??

Bounce rates and SEO - is there a typical value ?

In reviewing web site statistics of a Client’s web site he asked if there is a typical value for web site bounce rates. My answer was no.

The question was no surprise to me, his web site is ranking but isn’t converting. You can suggest, strongly suggest, bend on your back, but many just listen to themselves and disregard advice to invest on web site performance.

This is so typical of small businesses who think they know all there is to know about their products and Clients. Many times they are wrong – you can see it from the web site bounce rate.

With keywords on target, good rankings for competitive keywords, as many as 7 out of 10 may leave a site in under 10 seconds.

So much traffic gone to waste – but why ??

  • The site doesn’t load as fast as it should
  • Visual impact the site has on the user does not meet expectations
  • Links are not immediately available causing the user to push the BACK button on the browser
  • The web site is off topic

For most small and medium enterprises so far there has not been enough awareness and attention towards on site parameters. I have been providing clients with some Cilcktracks reports that can be very enlighting in this respect.

Take as an example the behavior of users on hotel web sites. In my experience:

The most clicked links on hotel home pages lead to photos of the rooms and prices

Most hotel owners tend to clutter the home page with numerous links to the hall or reception, the restaurant etc. These links do not attract the user and are useful only IF booking becomes an option.

I have also witnessed a lack of interest in the last minute and online booking links.

Users tend to jump from one site to another in search of the lowest online rate before booking, and this can explain rather high bounce rates for hotels

Generally speaking bounce rates may vary dramatically. Web sites that are optimized ONLY from a search point of view tend to have bounce rates that are in the order of 50% – very high.

If a more integrated approach is undertaken (i.e. search + on site optimization) bounce rates drop as low as 20%

What is your web site bounce rate ?

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  2. Saw an article today on Michael Fortin’s blog on a similar topic, commenting on the impact of the opening headline and first paragraph – the above the line content first seen by the visitor. With decreasing attention spans online the first content is essential to engaging the visitor and reducing high bounce rates.

  3. This topic has become more and more important for me as I’m a new “webmaster” running the website for our tour business in China. We are getting than 100 visitors per day, with a bounce rate of 60%, and most of our visits come via Google Adwords. Is it possible that click fraud is causing such a high bounce rate?
    Thanks for writing on such an important topic for us little guys. 🙂

  4. It could be click fraud but before jumping to this conclusion I’d take a close look at the ADWORDS campaign itself and make sure it is set up properly. i.e. all keywords generating visits are “good keywords”