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Why is the tag robots-nocontent important to your rankings ?

YAHOO! introduces the robots-nocontent tag

YAHOO! has introduced a new tag called robotsnocontent allowing webmasters to guide the spiders in identifying useful content on a web page.

In a nutshell if you use robots-nocontent on a section of your web page YAHOO! will not consider it as useful or significant in terms of content.

YAHOO! explains the tag here and Danny Sullivan provides details on it’s history and raises a few technical questions on the use of such a marker here.

I think this kind of attribute could be put to good use and help those web sites having problems with duplicate content.

This happens quite often as I described in my post on testing your website for duplicate content. Think of the typical ecommerce website presenting products, using a template, replicating the exact same structure in hundreds or thousands of pages.

Something worth considering, especially if Matt Cutts thinks it’s a good idea. Let’s hope the other major search engines take the initiative to implement the tag and see what come out of it …