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Writing Effective #Guest #Posts for #Blogs


I like to open most of my posts with a photo … I was browsing my iPhoto archives in search for something that looked in theme with what I had in mind this afternoon – and there was this sheep staring right at me!

What does this sheep have to do with Gusts posts for blogs?

Many Guest Posts are like sheep: they all look (and sound) alike

Look at this sheep in the eyes, you see nothing – if you look into the eyes of 100 sheep they’ll all look the same: I read a lot, and many posts (or should I say Guest Posts) sound exactly the same although they say different things.

Now let me ask you another question: can you write a letter to someone without knowing who you are writing to? I hope you answered NO – otherwise you’d better seek immediate psychiatric assistance.

You can’t write a generic letter

If you’re writing to a lover, to your mother, or friends I have a vague suspect you’ll use a (very) different vocabulary, and have different things to say …

So what’s my point?

Guest posts written by the dozen simply suck!

I know there is a market for everything and there is room and scope for spun content but when you are writing a Guest post you want to make it look good great and sound good excellent.

Why is a Guest Post so important?

Guest posting isn’t (so much) about the link(s) you may get from them – rather the exposure: You’re tapping into a completely new audience – they have never met you or heard of you before, you should do your very best to impress them.

You can only make a great first impression the first time.

Guest posts on blogs are indexed and will show up in the SERPs – people are actually going to read what you write (about yourself or your Customers…)

Ok so how should a Guest post be written?

Well not a dozen at a time!

  • There are places where you can pitch blogs seeking writers – they are a great starting point to network and find good writing opportunities
  • Read through them and choose those where you feel you (and your content) blend best
  • Write unique posts for each and every blog
  • Make each post a tailor fit with the rest of the content o it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb

KISS for me!

Yeah keep is simple for me the blog author.

  • Don’t send word documents I have to open copy, clean the code and then paste
  • Send me clean and neat HTML code I can use to paste directly into my blog
  • Use images and photos to enrich your communications – if you have videos even better
  • Include images by linking them from an online account like Flickr which will allow hot linking and actually provides you with the HTML to embed the image
  • Make it easy for people to cooperate with you: the easier it is to work with you the more opportunities you’ll find to cooperate with other bloggers

In a nutshell:

Be creative and original

If you’re not then guest posting isn’t for you or your Customer and you’d better stick to spun content.