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YAHOO! concealing back link count to the general public

YAHOO! siteexplorer now revealing back link count only to authenticated users

We were all very grateful to YAHOO! for sharing back link information. It was very easy, you could follow events as they unfolded day by day with a bookmarklet and document the number of back links for any website, but it looks like all this came to a halt between the 3rd and the 4th of October.

I noticed strange results fro my own blog and thought it was just a temporary problem. But things didn’t change over the next few days, so I logged into my YAHOO! account and authenticated my blog  (was pretty sure I had done that before … ) and after a few hours went back to see what had happened.

The YAHOO! spider had processed my authentication request and came back with the real numbers in terms of back links that were significantly different from those reported publicly – I noted a factor 5 differnce between public and authenticated back link counts, that’s quite a difference.

So, unless I am wrong for some reason, that’s the end of that – monitoring competition has just become a bit more complicated …

3 Replies

  1. omg, are you for real? this sucks big time. i now need to go do the same.

  2. Things are beginning to become more dark. Let’s just hope there will be light for us in the future. I think this policy will be somehow compensated by other features Yahoo will come up with to help us. We will have to wait and see, won’t we ? 😀

  3. Thank you for sharing informative article with us