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Is your competition spamming their way into the Search Engines ?

Spamdexing: it's time to smoke them out !

In the never ending search engine race you and your competitors are rivals seeking to funnel as much traffic you possibly can to your web site.

If you’re not new to this game you know how the organic search pendulum will swing in your favor and then against you – but overall, if you do your homework, your efforts are rewarded.

So what is THE thing that gets you hot under the collar ? (and makes your blood boil if you’re Italian like me)?

The smart guys, the ones that suddenly appear on the Search Engine Results Pages. At times they disappear from one day to the next, but while they’re there they steal web traffic away from you and the others who put countless hours of effort (or write out bank cheques to SEO firms) into their search engine optimization (or optimisation if you prefer).

I’m not referring to a few bits of hidden text in a NOFRAMES or an occasional NOSCRIPT tag to link to a sitemap or cloakers.

I’m talking about those who are seeking instant popularity but aren’t willing to work or pay for it.

These guys deserve what is coming their way and that is getting banned and some embarrassment (if they are intelligent enough to fell embarrassed once exposed …)

That’s why I’ve decided to set up a SPAMDEXING category for my English readers and an analogous one for my Italian readers. I think it’s time to step up and expose fakes and dishonest people at a point blank range – what is your opinion on this matter ?? Don’t you think spammers should be exposed ?

I’m not about to go on a crusade but I will report to you whoever I find on my path and tell you what they are doing and why they shouldn’t be doing it. Do you like my line of thought ? Or should I look the other way ?

3 Replies

  1. Don’t expose spammers to us. Report them to search engines.

  2. Why shouldn’t I expose spammers ? I believe it’s my prerogative to publish and speak about whatever I believe is of interest to my readers which by the way appreciate why I write by the look of my growing statistics.

  3. Just found this via google, been reading a few articles and really like your blog… The articles are pretty well written =P
    Keep up the good work =P, I’ll try to keep checking back…