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Spamdexing with hidden links using the Z-INDEX technique

People who spam the search engines are determined to get the most possible visibility and public awareness for their site. I want to do my fair share and lend a helping hand to promote them and how good they are at spamming, free of charge. So here’s my first spam Client, a new entry in the Google index refresh of these past days. I was reviewing some search results and BANG there was this site I had never seen before in the SERPs. “Oh a new entry … ” I thought to myself – ” … let’s take a look at them … boy they made #1 placement so they must be good”. But of course I couldn’t stop there … - spamming with Zmode technique

The first thing I did was to run a quick link analysis to understand what they had done that was so great, bringing them to a top search engine placement.

There were a lot of incoming links … many from one particular site – nearly 400 , hmmm …

I went over and looked at the home page where i was suppose to find a link to my Spam Client but there was no visible link.


So where was it ?

here it is !!

Z-mode technique used to spam the search engines

Click on the thumbnail to see the screenshot in full size.

You’ll see the Z-INDEX technique in use. A trick that hides text and links from the viewer placing out of the field of view, so you can’t see it but the search engines do.

There were many hidden links on the page like this one:

<li><a href= title=“loooong list of keywords”>Hotel Roccaraso</a></li>

And there are other sites participating in this mini net of web sites (all owned by the same Spam Client).

It’s the same old story where I link to you, you link to me and hopefully they all go down together.

And to prove just how amateurish the whole setup is, all the websites are running off the same IP:

traceroute command to identify location of the two sites

There you go – home made SEO.

  • Does that look like it deserves top rankings on Google or any other search engine for that matter ?
  • Don’t you think this is very disrespectful of others ?
  • How would you manage this issue ?
  • Do you think that SEO is dead or dying ?

8 Replies

  1. The main issue that client is going to face is someone reporting a spam result to Google:

    It that client is going to be banned, he’s going to have great trouble to be unbanned!

  2. Well that’s the way things go isn’t it ! You want to reach the top fast without following the rules then you must be prepared to face consequences …

  3. bikeman

    It may be amateurist but it worked – google didn’t anticipate it so the google staff aren’t as clever as they think they are – less doughnuts and more effort and they might be one step ahead.

  4. This site should be in trouble. Just need somebody to fill the spamreport for google.

  5. They were turned and since I wrote this post they did remove the SPAM 🙂

  6. Hallo, very interesting article. I completely agree. Thank you. I read the article with pleasure.

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    Thanks buddy. ENJOYED to read.

  8. estetik

    thank you very nice article