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Outrage Porn & Shitty Values

The subtle art of not giving a fuck - Mark Manson

The subtle art of not giving a fuck – Mark Manson

I‘m always asking myself questions. Questions are always on my mind: why did I say that to Mary, I should have kept my mouth shut with that Client, why didn’t I implement that change, when am I going to read that blogpost I bookmarked a few days back, I have to review that new software tool before the trial expires.. and then there are the more profound questions that run deep under the skin about life, how I go about things, am I doing the right things, what would have been if I had chosen another path in life at an earlier stage.

In case you’re wondering this is an asynchronous process with an “on” and “off” switch that automatically activates when I go for my daily runs in Monticchio just a few minutes away from where I live in L’Aquila

I’m not a psychopath.

It’s what happens when you’re getting on in age.

Life is packed with a variety of good times, bad times and unforgettable moments you wish had never happened – but then shit happens and when it does, you gotta clean up the mess.

Those questions echo in my mind knowing there is no answer, this is life it isn’t Sliding Doors

But then one day you walk into a bookstore down under in Aussieland during the Christimas holidays and cannot help picking up this book. The title was defiant and that’s what got me going.

Mary and Thomas bought it for me for Christmas. Thomas (2nd of 2 sons) came over with it on Christmas evening. That day we had been at a BBQ. 

I sank my teeth into the first 20 pages that evening and page after page I cold see where Mark Manson was going: he had gone down the same path I follow day after day in Monticchio where I run with my lifelong friend Piero and where we discuss similar issues.

I experienced moments of intense relief and satisfaction while reading this book

Every page of the book narrates episodes related to

  • passions;
  • goals;
  • ambitons;
  • relationships.

A wonderful read that got me resonating.

As a digital marketer I found this passage extremely interesting and I think many so-called Social Media Marketers should seriously think about instead of following everybody else down the path of the latest fad:

… The writer and media commentator Ryan Holiday refers to this as “outrage porn”: rather than report on real stories and real issues, the media find it much easier (and more profitable) to find something mildly offensive, broadcast it to a wide audience, generate outrage, and then broadcast that outrage back across the population in a way that outrages yet another part of the population. This triggers a kind of echo of bullshit pinging back and forth between two imaginary sides, meanwhile distracting everyone from real social problems…

Outrage porn is mixed with what the Author defines Shitty Values:

  1. Pleasure
  2. Material Success
  3. Always Being Right
  4. Staying Positive

Wanna know more? Buy the book

Happy new year.