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The Image of this typewriter brings me way back in time, when I was a little boy. My father thought it would be a good idea that I learn to use a typewriter, so he made me type things. That was his way of thinking ahead and giving me a head start back in those days (we’re talking 19 60 something … )

I can recall how difficult it was to think about things to type, find the right stories to tell, but then as I got started words began to flow and I would soon fill those yellow sheets of Western Union paper my mother would bring home from the office where she worked.

The white sheet of paper syndrome is common to many people called to create content for a blog or website.

There is always so much talk about the design, the look and feel, an obsessive attention to the finest details related to icons and their position within the layout, then suddenly the lights go out when the web graphics design is finished: it’s as if the work is over and done with, ignoring completely the most important aspect of all: content creation.

There is a point beyond which additional efforts on web graphics design will not offer any return if the website does not have enough (good) content.

Creating content is like a sickness: everybody in the organization avoids it.

For an artist running a very small business, content creation is the most important aspect of an online presence: At first, your content will generate an interest in the search engines which in turn will gladly generate quality traffic to your website.

In many organizations, and especially for the micro self employed artisian, there is simply “no time to waste” on sitting down and writing on a blog – the focus is on making things.

That has to change: This is about building a business around an online presence, demanding a considerable amount of your time expressing your creativity through your writing – creating content is a central activity in your line of work once you decide you want to promote your business online.

The point many raise is:

  • they are not capable
  • it takes too long

Many are probably right at first – they don’t know how to do it, and it does take a very long time at first, but there are no alternatives: online success is based on content creation.

Now before anyone stands up and tells me I’m crazy because there is a LOT MORE than on site content to good rankings on the search engines, I agree to that in principle. What I’m saying here is that you (the artisian) with talent and creativity up your sleeve, are probably one of few creators of “handmade pipes” or “handmade suites”, you know your business and you’ll learn to build up a conversation with readers and transform them into buying Customers.

I know it’s a completely different ball game ranking for something like “Hotels in Rome” 🙂

Getting back to creating content for your blog, it’s really simpler than you might anticipate. It’s important to be yourself – speak from your heart and you’ll engage people interested in you and what you have to offer. This is a very important point – online is very much like offline: you don’t do business with everybody. Business is about developing a relationship, having the same view of things and similar tastes: Show your readers who you are, what you are like and a community of fans and enthusiasts will gather to listen.

There are a few rules you need to follow to intercept your potential audience on the search engines, We’ll take a closer look at how to write your posts for blogs soon …

6 Replies

  1. When you first started blogging on this site in 2006 it obviously took a lot more time to write posts than it does now. How long did it take for you to get into a comfortable routine with posting and did you also find it difficult at first to get the words out. You know what you want to say but not how to get it down in words, or it seems to take forever.

  2. yes you are right – at first it does seem to take forever, nobody said it would be easy … and I said it would be darn hard right from the start

  3. I would recommend – write what you know! Don’t try to learn something simply so you can post about it. If you stick to an area you are knowledgeable it will come much easier.

  4. sampath

    Nice Post, well explaining about blog contents writing.
    Thanks for sharing and keep posting more new info.

    Thanks again.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly – I’d much rather spend time on a poor-looking site (simple black font on a white background, no graphics) with interesting/funny content that visit shiny-new website that only reposts other people’s work or publishes boring stuff. Only 13 year old gilrs bookmark sites based on the way they look.

  6. I totally agree with your post. It is essential and vital for any blog to do well if the writers/writer engage in material he/she is truly interested in. It also helps if he/she has an emotional relationship to the subject matter. Readers can sense it and the content will be better as a result obviously.