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Many with small (and very small) budgets tend to setup their online presence with any one of the major portals offering free blogs and hosting. It’ easy and above all it’s FREE.

Setting up your online presence anywhere else other than your own website is a big mistake.

We don’t want to look at the details of this affirmation, what you need to know is that having your own (independent) website, under your own domain name is the right way to start off. It will cost you a few dollars, but it’s well spent money.

Look at it like this: When you buy a home it’s yours for keeps. You have the option to decorate it as you please and to your liking. You may one day elect to move but it will be you choice at your convenience, it’s not the landlord ordering you out of the house because he wants the property back.

If you’re renting any improvement you make will increase the value of their property.

If you are suddenly pushed out, your friends and relatives will direct themselves to your old address for as long as it takes you to advise them all.

Now let’s put this into perspective on the web.

When you are hosted by a free service you have (very) limited options to modify or personalize your configuration. Creating compelling interesting content will generate incoming links (so very important) to your pages but to their website. If for some reason you need to move away from the free hosting option, you will loose all your incoming links, without any possibility to re-direct most of them. The longer you stay on a free hosting platform the more links you will generate in time, the more links you will loose the day you decide to move.

There could be other instances that could jeopardize your free online presence.

Consider the terms of use of all major portals. I haven’t read any of them but you can rest assured they all reserve the right to interrupt service without notice – then what happens ? You might be more than happy with their services but they go bust (and you know how unstable things are these days with the economy) and you’re left flat on your …

See what I’m saying ?

Hosting and your domain name are the foundation of your web presence – you need to be certain nobody can influence, interrupt, or manipulate your doing online, and the only means you have to protect yourself is by investing in a domain name and a website.

What do you need to get started ?

Not very much.

The cost of a domain name is anywhere between $ 10,00 and $ 15,00 per year.

You need to combine your domain name with a hosting solution: Basic hosting plans will not do for us. We need one on linux servers, php and MYSQL. I know it sounds strange but don’t worry too much about this. There is a solution. All you need to do is contact a hosting provider and tell them you need to host a WordPress Blog.

Why am I telling you this ? Because you’ll notice the increase in price compared to the basic hosting solutions and will wonder why – that’s why.

There are so many providers these days all with affordable pricing – if you don’t have one I have worked with

A complete hosting solution for your initial hosting presence shouldn’t cost you more than $15,00 per month. When the need arises you can always move on to a more performing hosting plan: by that time you’ll be generating traffic and revenue to spare and re-invest in hosting 🙂

One thing you want to invest in right from the start is assistance to keep your website always up and running – depending on your provider costs may vary significantly but it’s money well spent: you know nothing about a website and what it takes to keep it up and running and I’m sure you don’t want to know anything about it either so you need someone to look after these aspects for you, a specialist you can write to or call when your website is down (and believe me it will go down).

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  1. i prefer choose cheap hosting than free hosting because free hosting always give us litle feature. i like as my reseller