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Search Engine Optimization in Italian University

Announcing new master course in search engine optimisation

Teaching has always been my passion. I enjoy a class of people and sharing my knowledge with them. It is a challenge to get across something you know in a timely and very simple way.

I have a class of young students at the Accademia di Belle Arti di L’Aquila where I am a contract professor and I teach web technology to artists. I don’t think there is anything more difficult than teaching computer technology to artists.

About a few months ago I was contacted by the University of Florence. They asked me if I would be interested in teaching search engines in a masters course called Multimedia Content Design. For the first time search engine technology and web marketing enter Italian University. It’s a pleasure and an honour to take part in such a high level course.

Of course I was very pleased by the invitation. I am an outsider with no contacts in the academic environment so the invitation was a big surprise. After the preliminary chat I couldn’t resist asking the question I had on the tip of my tongue: Why me ?

The answer was surprising: They were following a number of potential candidates on their blogs and monitored blogging – both quality and style before choosing someone – that felt really good …

I’ll be teaching a module within the Master on search engines and web marketing.

As teaching is so important to me I have decided to open a category related to search engines and web marketing. I am planning a series of seminars for 2007.

  • What do you think about search engine seminars ?
  • Have you attended any such events ?
  • What has your experience been ?
  • Have they been up to your expectations ?

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  1. I totally agree re the importance of this. Having set up an education site on I realise the importance of SEO otherwise it doesnt matter how good your content is, you’ll get nowhere!


  2. Indeed, teaching is very rewarding, it’s always been a passion of mine too. I set up a teaching agency after working in a school for several years

    However, I have always been some what scepticle of teaching SEO though, I believe it any qualification will simply be out of date with in a matter of months

    Also, boss many Google is forever changeing the way it works, and with the new “google promote” buttons just around the corner, theres going to be some big changes in the world of seo

    nice post

  3. Nice post. It is always nice when we are recognized for our hard work and expertise.

    Interesting comment by Phillip… basic SEO techniques hold pretty true across time which makes teaching them quite doable. Where the teaching gets exciting though is when one is able to convey cutting edge information to folks who will take it and actually employ it.

    Teaching SEO, like putting it into practice, requires constant testing, learning, and evolution with the Search Engine landscape. That is part of why we love our work.

    Many thanks,

    The BRAC information source

  4. Character Education

    hay nice work you have done. once i also have an offer from my university from where i do my graduation. before the offer i was working as a SEO expert in a software house. As i have recieved the phone i was shocked and so amazed i just say yes and start teaching ova there.