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Tagging your posts on a WordPress Blog – Teaching Web Marketing to Artists

Tags are another tool that will help you in your web marketing efforts in organic placement. A complete definition of Tags is available here.

Tags are keywords that describe and represent the content of your post. With tags you help the search engines define and characterize your post.

Whether you are blogging from the WordPress Dashboard or a desktop software, you’ll have the opportunity to insert tags in your post …

Picture 10.png

Use an appropriate combination of words, rather than single words – too broad a reach. As you can see from the screen shot, there are no single-word tags.

Get some help from the Google Keyword Tool.

WordPress will create new pages derived from your tags. These pages tend to position themselves very nicely on the search engines, but you need to carefully select your tags (= keywords).

Many proudly place what is called a tag cloud on their blog, an interesting way to show your readers what your blog is about.

Use tags on your blog – they are useful and will drive traffic to your website. It only takes a few minutes to add them to your post before publishing.

My next (and close to last) post of this series Web Marketing for Artists will be on writing for your blog – stay tuned !

8 Replies

  1. The more modern open source shopping carts like PrestaShop seem to be having cloud tags as standard now within the software, which is a really nice feature when you are looking for products on a site.

  2. I love tagging in WordPress, but tagged only single keywords till now. Its a good hint, not to forget the rest 😉

  3. Web Design Liverpool

    Excellent post thanks for sharing, helped me to understand tags a bit better, i was looking around for some information on this as i thought it could play a major part in seo, now it’s confirmed. I always used to leave tags out of posts and pages but i’m definitely going to start using them to maximise the exposure

  4. Tangy | Affiliate Marketing

    I am a huge fan of the tag cloud on many of my blogs… it provides your users the ability to quickly search through and find useful content.

    Great post!

  5. Great information. I am just getting startig with tagging but I have really learned a lot from articles such as this. Tagging is a great tool for exposire.

  6. rjbanks84

    Very useful information thanks. I look forward to reading your next post on Web Marketing. I’m currently doing some freelance work for a hotel in Prague and this certainly helps.

  7. buildingasheds

    Tagging posts is very important. It is like mapping your way through the jungle of the Internet, and keeping a tag on the trees you pass by to ensure others can find you. Tagging is the way you reveal your presence, and without it – you would just be flying blind. I have used it in many of my websites, and can say that it works a treat. It is a great article and I look forward to reading more of your thoughts. Thanks again, Frank from