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Teaching Web Marketing to Artists


Teaching Web Marketing to Artists was a short series of very down to earth indications for those wanting to use their blog to promote their small business. Here is the list of posts in the series.

The bottom line: if you are a small business owner and want some simple straight forward information on how to setup and run a blog, you’ll find some preliminary indications here.

In some cases, depending on how knowledgeable you are in web technology things might seem to be very complex: if so hire a webmaster to help and things will get much easier.

There are still great opportunities for small business owners, especially artisans with talent and creativity to market themselves with small budgets and achieve unexpected results – this series of posts named Web Marketing for Artists is dedicated to you.

I do hope this information is useful.

Would you like more info ? Something I didn’t cover that you would like to to review ? Just ask !

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  1. There are many SEO companies that offer training programs. In addition, some universities and institutions offer certificates in Internet Marketing or Internet Programming. However, the principles behind Business Management and Marketing are similar to Internet Marketing. That said, a conventional marketer cannot be successful in internet marketing without extensive knowledge and research of the ‘net.

    So I would recommend you to visit, and other similar SEO blogs and websites, and read all of their articles, read their blogs, take their quizzes and tutorials. At the same time, a certificate in Internet Marketing or a Bachelor’s in Business is helpful to make you successful – but many successful Search Engine Optimizers and Marketers did not have any of these credentials, they learned from real life experience.

    I did a certificate in Internet Programming and I won’t say it wasn’t worth it, but it was very expensive and in hindsight I shouldn’t have spent that much money on it. Be very careful of fraud schools like CDI.

  2. S-Axxis

    Nice article

  3. nadine anddanes

    nice posts. If only I liked my art enough to let other people see it, let alone sell it. Still, was a good series for anyone, really.