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January has been a very rewarding month for Mary, my wife and polymer clay artist. Why ? Because her blog has been generating enquiries and orders.

With visits growing on a day by day basis, she now enjoys visibility on the search engines that will most likely change her way of doing business this year and for years to come.

I thought I’d share my experience setting up Mary’s online business with other artists out there so you’d have some honest and reliable information on how to setup an online business, with the perspective of a small.

Artists are very difficult to manage and fear the online world at first: it’s a lot of mumbo jumbo about computers which gives them headaches and they want to know nothing about it. Yet the web it just perfect for niche products and services people seek with great interest, and discover with enthusiasm.

Another common fear amongst artists if the fear of being copied – sometimes it’s an obsession, and was one of the main reasons that kept Mary away from the online world for so long.

Another issue with artists and artisans is their focus on creating things – everything else is a nuisance, something “in the way of their creativity” and therefore not worth their time.

But the power of the web can change your way of doing business and attract new Clients day after day and many are aware of this but don’t know where to start.

This is the first post of a series dedicated to the artist, creative people with personality, but lacking knowledge about the web and web marketing.

Why am I writing about this ?

Working with Mary was a new experience.

I set up her website and taught her how to manage her online presence. Today she is very happy, people contact her, make enquiries, and order her creations.

There are thousands of creative people out there unable to express themselves online – this series of posts is dedicated to you.

What will I be teaching you about Web Marketing ?

All the information is based on a step by step procedure I used to implement Mary’s Web Marketing Strategy. I’ll be telling you exactly how we went about setting up her online presence, which tools were used, and how they were used.

Is this more Web Marketing mumbo jumbo or something worth reading ?

If you’re a small business owner, in particular an artist or a talented creative person, you’ll want to know everything I will be telling you. You’ll learn:

  • Why you should use a blog
  • How to setup your WordPress Blog
  • Which other online tools you should use
  • How to manage your online presence
  • How to monitor your online presence
  • How to attract prospects and generate sales online
  • How and when to use Search Advertising

Are you ready for this ?

I had been after Mary for some time to create an online presence, but it just wouldn’t happen. Like having children, there is never a right time, so it was for her website – just too much to do and never enough time to get everything done. Today she tells me there was never enough time because she wasn’t ready.

Are you ready ?

This isn’t going to be easy – there is a lot to be learned and understood, and it never ends.

Your online presence with absorb a great deal of your time requiring endless hours of analysis (to understand how you are performing) and development (= creating content for your website).

It’s not going to happen over night.

Don’t expect overnight success . You must wait months before anything significant will happen – could be a bit less if you have a website you decide to scrap and start all over again with … in any case it’s a relentless task – the more you put into it the more you can expect back – that works the other way around too, the less you do the less you’ll get back.

If you’re not determined don’t bother – it’s not going to work

My next post I’ll be writing about blogs and blogging for artists.

I’ve been constantly referring to Mary’s website in this post but never linked out to her once – I wanted your attention all to me up this point of my post.

Her website is:

There’s still a a lot of work to be done – the Ecommerce part is still under development, but things are working just fine even without it – I’ll be telling you why along the way …

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  1. Web Design

    Just like any business online marketing takes time an effort. Its a process not just a quick one time thing. If you are serious about marketing online you need to give it the attention it deserves.

  2. Search Engine Marketing Management


    It is about time artist use the web I live in a an out of the way area with lots of artist who depend on the summer traffic when they could get web traffic all year

  3. Hi the link doesn’t seem to work to your wife’s site. My wife also is quite creative she makes handmade cards and jewellery and is very keen to push her business. Unfortunately when it comes to her site which I built her she just never writes any text to go with her new designs which kind of makes the whole thing pointless. You have to put time into the communication side of the web as well as the design side if you want it to work.

  4. Giuseppe

    L’ipertesto contiene un refuso: ti rimanda all’inesistente 🙂

  5. Grazie Giuseppe, ho sistemato !

  6. Ciao.
    Questo articolo è veramente molo interessante, ha me mi è servito per il mio sito web.
    Ciao e grazie.

  7. Salve, seguo spesso i vostri articoli che trovo molto utli e interessanti. Desideravo un suggerimento se possibile ho visto che parli di wordpress mentre ho un blog con typepad posso continuare così o mi consigli wordpress? e secondo te può veramente un blog sostituire un sito web?

  8. Ciao Carlo, ti rispondo in un post separato che scriverò quanto prima, spero oggi 🙂

  9. Phillip

    It’s because online marketing now is one of the fastest and easiest way to market your products and services. But it does takes time too to plan, conceptualize and strategize your web to sell your products.

  10. It’s a big undertaking but well worth it. The satisfaction of helping small business owners with their marketing is great.

  11. as you say its not going to happen over night…The most frustrating this is that you end up reading all these things online and you follow instructions from here and there and at the end you dont know if they will work .

  12. Yes Elena you are right, there is a lot of misleading information on search engines and web marketing – teh wisdoom of the crowd isn’t so smart when you come to think of it …