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Why You Should Use a Blog – Teaching Web Marketing to Artists

Well if you’re reading on from my previous posts, after all that intimidation, you are ready to go !

So let’s give it a go …

In this post I’ll give you a bit of insight on why you should prefer a blog to a traditional website.

One of the top reasons and in my opinion by far the most important for you the Small Business Owner is the simplicity and direct access to publishing non structured information.

Don’t run away just yet – give me a chance to explain what I mean.

Planning a website is equivalent to designing a house: you need to plan the layout and decorate the rooms once you have built it. You cannot live in an empty house. And once you have built it, implementing structural changes because you have changed you mind about the rooms, their size or their location on the plan is VERY VERY expensive and may just not be possible.

That’s exactly what happens when you create a website – you identify a baseline structure and then need to fill the pages … but then what happens ? Virtual dust builds up on those pages that never get updated, the news & novelty section is abandoned, and you are left with a website you don’t know what to do with.

Blogs are a different story.

With a blog you don’t build a website. A blog is an empty structure. It will take you literally a few hours to write a few introductory pages about your business and yourself. That’s all you really need to get started.

he beauty of blogging lies in the fact that you can talk about different aspects of your business, highlight new products, show off our skills as you please in a post – not a web page but something similar that goes under a Category: you’re free to write about things as they come to mind, as you make them, as suggested by your readers … much more of a direct and interactive environment when compared to a webiste. Blogs have no fences or boundaries limiting your initiatives.

Have a great idea you’d like to develop and talk about ? Create a new category ! It’s that simple.

These days, as social media becomes the new Buzz word, you’ll hear more and more people say blogs are dead and not worth the investment and to invest in Social Media.

Social Media can work and it’s worth exploring – when you have some extra time, but not as your strategic online presence: Work hard on your blog, let people talk about it in Social Media.

Another reason to use a blog is the simplicity and ease of use: a small set of tools and instruction you need to learn and you’re ready to go. It gets a bit more complicated than writing with any Word Processor, only because you want to make your posts enticing and eye catching with good images and photos.

With a blog your creativity is limited only by your imagination and ambition: as you work you come up with an idea, take a quick note, and sit to write when you are in the right mood. More on that in another post further down the line …

Blogs are great for every Small Business owner, but even more when it come to those devoted to the arts, those niche market segments representing great market opportunities waiting for the blod to fill the gap and reap the benefits.

A great blog is the best thing that can happen to you – but don’t take my word for it, ask Mary.

In my next post I’ll take you through setting up a blog and some of the fundamental technical notions you need to know to start your blog and blogging.

2 Replies

  1. My wife makes handmade crafts and I’m trying to get her to add a blog to her site, but so far she says she is to busy. I’ve already set up a wordpress blog on her hosting, but just need to link it to the site. Unless she is going to show some commitment to it I think it will be a waste of time. I agree with you that blogs are an excellent way of communicating with your customers and showing them your latest creative pieces as you make them with a link to where they can order them on your site.

  2. Yes I’d be happy to tell ‘my story’.
    I’m overwhelmed with the response to my blog…it’s staggering.