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Blog faster with nice photos and screenshots

Posts without photos or images are like food without salt – tasteless.

The folks at Skitch and Jing have some neat tools that significantly reduce your time to publishing, especially when you are dealing with a complex issue and require the assistance of numerous images, taken from websites or your own desktop applications.

In wordpress (and probably other blogging platforms as well) it’s a long way to loading your image via the in built-in  image uploader …

image uploader of WordPress

avoiding this intermediate step saves a lot of time: How ? Pretty simple actually, just take a note of the location where your images end up on the server – chances are they are all loaded in a folder located at:

Check your server now and locate your images.

If you wish to use Skitch then watch this video and you’ll see just how easy it is to upload images …



The alternative is Jing and you can see how it works here.

Once you’ve created your screenshot and uploaded it automatically all you need to do is include it into your post …

click on the icon, and include the correct path to the file you just uploaded ((I use the FCKEditor for WordPress))

image properties description

Click save and you’re done – the image is good to go on your blog !

A tip: You’re busy with so many things to do during the day – you’ll forget the URL leading to your image location on the server in no time … I bet you can’t remember it right now !!

so …

  • Create a text file you can leave on your desktop – call it something like I did that will allow you to identify it quickly
  • keep the file open while you are blogging
  • copy and paste the URL into the image manager
  • add the name of the file you just uploaded with any one of the 2 tools


At the moment Skitch has just launched in a  β, and Jing is open to the general public.

Skitch is very much oriented towards image processing from what I have seen, with Jing you can also record video.

I’ve been using Jing now for months – very handy to have on my desktop – all these screenshots and image processing would have taken a lot more time (for those of us who are not web graphics designers).

I used Jing to write this post.

I have noticed that my PC slows down when I open Jing and it does take a bit to power up … but my PC is 2 years old … time to change !!



4 Replies

  1. Great tools and nice introduction, really helps speeding things up a little. The tip for keeping track of image url is handy too. Great job.

  2. Buying a new phone

    Couldn’t agree more about images. It drives me crazy because on my site, I can’t figure out how to put images in my archives using the wordpress ProSense theme. Makes my archives look so much uglier and wanting-to-navigate-to-a-different-site.

  3. Thanks for the post, I liked the information. Although, I was disappointed to go out to Skitch and find it only for Mac….too bad.

  4. I wish Skitch was released for Windows so much 🙁
    It look awesome. In the meantime I’m doing my work with SnagIt.