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Do you know how much spam there is out there ?

This was a long and far from relaxing week end. I was hoping to relax before leaving for the conference next week and spending some quality time with wife and kids, but that just didn’t happen.

I was stuck in the office with my systems partner Raimondo migrating Email accounts to a new and more efficient mail server. It took a lot of work and careful planning.

The details of the operation are rather boring so I’ll spare you the nitty gritties, but the outcome was unbelievable: Once the accounts were running on the new server just about 50.000 spams were caught and rejected in 15 hours … THAT’S A LOT OF SPAM !

I am only the team leader when it comes to servers and configurations, my core business is search engines and organic placement. I get involved when dealing with international Clients on:

  • Hosting
  • Configuration
  • Installation issues
  • Maintenance
  • Systems performance monitoring

I’ll do a bit of shameless promotion here – if you are having problems protecting yourself from SPAM you might want to talk to me. 12 years in the Internet business is a lot of hands on experience – this mail server is living proof.

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  1. Hi! Read the post about spams. I feel sorry for not spending the time with your wife and kids. 12 years of experience is more than enough to solve the problems. I have an issue regarding my Personal computer. My system seems to be dead slow for some days. What may be the reason for it? Is there any way to cure it. Another issue is can i keep two user in my system? While keeping two users will the system runs slow? If you give the solutions to these. It will be greatful. Have a nice day.