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Evernote Logo on Sante's Blog Post: Using Evernote to improve your work flow

Working with multiple Clients and switching from one to the next is easier said than done, especially when projects run in parallel and they are complex – typical of the Web Marketing work I do.

Evernote has been my faithful ally over the past 2 years (going on to 3 if I’m not mistaken) – great value for money, extremely useful, and time saving – the precious time evernote allows me to save going from one activity to the other is without doubt the biggest asset of the application.

This morning I picked up this resource and and thought I’d create a Resource Page to share my experience with Evernote.

I was thinking it wolud be cool to add other tips and info on how to use Evernote from other uesers as well – fill in the form.

Share your Evernote tips, send them and they’ll get published as well: I’m always looking at new ways to improve my productivity. I’d love to feature it on a post as well

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Now here’s my tip for today:

Should You Use Folders or Tags ?

Use folders.

Concentrate the bulk of you notes in very few folders that group activities following a criterion that best fits your frame of mind.

When I first started using Evernote I did what came natural and created a folder for each client: It seemed to work but things got complicated quickly – just too many folders to scroll, review and manage working with differnet Clients.

I was using a new tool with an old approach.

Folders are great if you need to share and distribute content but completely unnecessary for internal use only.

Use tags to identify Clients and Content

Tags make a world of difference: create a unique client tag and save your search. Associate other tags to identify the content of the note by creating tags such as documents to identify reporting activities, or passwords if you need to manage access to websites … I created hundreds of tags to identify every activity or piece of information.

The key to success is to carefully choose your tags and tag all your notes including your important Email exchange: Evernote allows you to import Email by CCing messages to your Evernote Email account.

you can automatically tag Emails and send them to a folder of your choice by adding to the subject line of your Email the destination folder on Evernote like so:


followed by your tags:

#tag1, #tag2, …

Your Subject like will look like this:

screenshot Send Emails to Evernote and include them in folders with tags

Just one thing: your folders and tags must already exist otherwise the EMail will land in your default folder. Read all about this feature here.

Here’s the form again just in case something came to mind while you were reading …

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