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How ergonomic is your workplace ??

In a post titled slowly recovering from bursitis I informed you about my very painful condition that had kept me away from my computer fro nearly a week.

Since then keywords in my log file indicating interest in this condition are showing up more and more as that post increases it’s reach, so here is some information for you to consider, even if you are not suffering of any particular problem right now – these things just happen so it’s best to be prepared and to know what you can do to manage this condition, should it suddenly occur.

this is my desktop with mouse and tablet

This is my physical desktop where I spend most of my day. It has changed considerably and so have my working habits. You’ll notice my mouse is positioned on the left hand side of the keyboard.

I strongly advise you to force yourself into delegating work to your left (or to your right if you are left handed). We normally just do things automatically with our right hand and don’t give the left one a chance to attempt to do something.

It’s hard when you start but only a matter of time and you’ll be very much at ease using your mouse with your left hand. Try i.

Get rid of the ergonomic mouse. Go back to using simple and small ones. You’ll have to if you want to use them with your left hand – there isn’t all that much to choose from and my experience is showing me that small a small simple mouse is your best choice.

My mouse - it's a mouse for portable computers

I bought this mouse when I was still in pain and it was the model on display I felt most comfortable with. Today when I use a big mouse I notice the difference and fell very uncomfortable in using it.

The real novelty came along with the tablet that has brought about sweeping change – I use it as my alternative to the mouse on my left, so I share the burden of my workload on both hands. This is very important for people like you who are working full time on a computer.

The tablet is a WACOM penabled.

WACOM tablet Graphire

I find a big tablet makes you move freely and avoids repetitive movements.

This is a WACOM Graphire Tablet.

Actually, once you get the hang of it, it is far more natural to use than a mouse. The only draw back is the pen – they could put more effort into making pens that are more like real pens. Overall it works fine.

If you are a great writer like myself, you are forever using the keyboard to send Email or write documents and reports.

More help comes your way from software like My Script Notes. I use it to write emails and short reports with my tablet.

The software works very well, the problem is that we are not used to writing as much as we were years ago and our hand writing is very poor. But there is a solution to this problem. You can train the software (it works with a great number of languages) and reaches a very high recognition score.

Here’s a procedure I suggest you follow:

  • Spend a few days using the tablet as a mouse (sharing your workload with your left hand dedicated to the real mouse)
  • Get acquainted to the pen and understand how it works
  • Train the software a first time and work with it for a few weeks – after a few weeks you’ll see how fast you are at writing and how your writing will actually improve, making it easier for the software to recognize your hand writing
  • Train the software a second time

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  1. just an interesting topic about our workplace. Many people around the world are using their mouse on the right hand side of the PC. your information about your illness and how to use the mouse in the left was an interesting one. Thank for sharing your experience with us.