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SEOTOASTER now a Multi-Lingual Platform Alternative to WordPress and YAHOO Stores



SEOTOASTER, an easy-to-use, yet powerful open source Content management System, announced the release of 3 additional localised versions of this free and open source website builder: Website Editing is extremely easy thanks to an intuitive and stylish ‘edit as you browse’ interface.

Boasting a list of impressive, yet easy-to-use built-in SEO software features that execute complex SEO techniques, SEOTOASTER is on par with what the best SEO services companies offer to their fortune customers.

SEOTOASTER enables open souce PHP developers to enhance the software at will with smarties, widgets, plugins, and even improve the core of the application while delivering an effective Web Marketing presence built to perform with search engines, acquire top website rankings, generate leads and ultimately sales.

SEOTOASTER can be considered a serious and free alternative to Yahoo Stores for small e-commerce websites or WordPress when used by small businesses as a corporate CMS.

In addition, SEOTOASTER features a sophisticated content management system capable of growing with your business, making piloting, automation of SEO procedures, and marketing of multiple websites possible from a unique centralised location.

Web developers, and marketing agencies can personalise the SEOTOASTER framework, offering a Search Engine Friendly Content Management System in a growing number of languages.

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