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Extracting Keywords & Top Level Domains with Google Anayitics Filters


At the recent Search Engine Strategies Conference in London Jim Sterne stated:

We have too much data but not enough insight

There are many questions and just as many questions buried deep in the data that web analytics tools provide.

Google Analytics and ADWORDS are intimately connected to each other – integrating Web analytics and ADWORDS is a matter of a few clicks.

In this post I’ll illustrate how you can identify which regional Search Engine is sending you traffic and which are the keywords locals are using to search. I’ll show you which Google Analytics Filters to use.

Why this is important

As your ADWORDS campaigns grow and you begin to count your keywords by the thousands (and beyond) you’ll reach a point where adding new keywords is not going to increase overall campaign efficiency. In fact the “napalm approach” (adding keywords to groups organized by language) can actually reduce CTRs and conversions. You need to organize your campaign not only by language but also by country.

How to identify regional Search Engines and Keywords Used Locally

Here’s what you’re going to learn from this post:

  • Recognize the Regional edition of the Search Engine which has generated the visit
  • Capture the Keyword used in the query
  • Identify the Campaign which triggered the visit

Create a new Profile for your Google Analytics Filtering

Create new Google Analytics Filters which allow you to extract the information you need …


2 filters are required

1st filter

Extract Top Level Domain and Keyword


This is the data you can copy & paste into the filter fields

Custom Field 1
$A1 — $B3

(Google Analytics Filter 1: Extracts Referring regional domain and associated keyword and writes the data in a temporary field that is carried over to the next filter …)

2nd filter

Extracting Campaign Keyword

This is the data you can copy & paste into the filter fields of your 2nd filter

Custom Field 1
Campaign Term
Campaign Term
$A1 ($B1)

(Google Analytics Filter 2: Writes data from previous Custom field 1, extracts ADWORDS campaign term, re-writes previous 2 fields to Campaign Term)

You’ll see the resluts of the filters under

Traffic Sources >> Overview >> Keywords


and this is the final result:


As you can see in the example this specific visit:

  • was generated on regional search engine
  • villas with pools rome was used by the visitor who clicked through to the website
  • villas in rome was the campaign term which triggered the visit via

Now you can segment your traffic and keywords with great precision and distinguish how the UK is searching compared to the US or Australia and feed this information back into your ADWORDS campaigns.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Google Analytics filtering and data mining Advanced Web Metrics by Brian Clifton is an essential tool and of great help – the second edition of Brian’s book is hot off the press.