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Sante Market at the market

My wife Mary is a polymer clay artist. Fortunately she has nothing to do with web marketing and search engines. I was happy to accompany her to a market over the week end to a small town near l’Aquila called Amatrice, where she would sell her creations.

Local markets during the summer are good business for her.

I was looking forward to a computer free week end for the first time in about 2 months. I enjoy the contact with people at the market. It’s a big change and a different observatory.

We set up her stand and I approached our neighbours. This was Mary’s first time in this market.

The lady “next door” was very upset about the location of the market: she told me last year the market was located at the center of the town and they made out very well. But town store owners complained about the market being bad for their business and pushed it out of town to a remote area.

I was very surprised to hear this – I had associated the market and the local stores as a network of web sites and the key to success for each one would be a differentiation in products and/or pricing to address the needs of different market segments. A dispersion of people between stores and market would not help business.

Online there is no physical distance between competitors – they are all just 1 click away from you. What the store owners didn’t realize is that competition is inevitable. Differentiation is fundamental.

It made me think of online business issues I review and examine with new Clients – here’s a short list of important issues for you to consider:

  • who are your Customers ?
  • have you identified their needs and expectations ?
  • who are your competitors ?
  • how have you structured your commercial proposition ?
  • what distinguishes your proposition for your competitors ?

Once you have answered these questions you should go on to evaluate your web marketing and search engine optimization efforts:

  • have you run a detailed keyword analysis for your web site ?
  • have you verified your web site architecture ?
  • are all pages reachable by search engines ?
  • what is your content like ?
  • is the copy readable ?
  • does your web site have statistics ?
  • what is your bounce rate ?
  • where is traffic coming from ?
  • which search engines are generating most traffic ?
  • what is your external linking strategy ?
  • how many referrals do you have on a monthly basis ?
  • which keywords generate search engine traffic ?
  • how many sales or contacts has your web site generated over the past 3 months ?
  • are they in line with your objectives ?

Later on a member of the market organization came by and I had a chat with him as well. He told me stores were sorry they pushed the market to a remote area because people were coming to the market – the stores were loosing business.

By the way, I’m the guy in the photo wrapping a gift for a Customer.