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Have you ever been to a marble quarry ??

Foto delle cave di marmo a Carrara

I often visit Carrara in Tuscany where I have a solid business relationship with Marco Lucchetti and the gang. In 12 years I had always looked up at those white mountains but never been o a marble quarry. This time we paid a visit to a small company called marmotour. They offer a marble quarry tour inside the mountain. I’d never heard of anything like that before. They are just starting and need website, and search engine optimization.

It was the occasion I was waiting or to take a closer look at the marble industry …

pullmino per accedere alla cava di marmo per visitarla

They are setting up a business based on the interest many tourists have for the famous white marble of carrara.

A giude drives you into the mountain where you can see a real marble quarry and explains the entire process.

in galleria, nella cava

Well it’s not exactly the nicest place to be, it was 15°C compared to 27°C outside.

vendonsi blocchi di marmo da qualche tonnellata

Interested in buying a block of marble from Carrara ??

macchinari nella cava

If you stop to think about it there is so much engineering in there.

A discutere di web e motori di ricerca in una cava di marmi a Carrara

While I was shooting photos, the others were talking about web marketing and search engines. There is great interest of visitors and the owners are seeking visibility on search engines to engage travel agencies to attract organized groups of tourists.

I must say it does have a certain effect on you when you drive into the marble quarry through the tunnel …

Cava di Marmo di Carrara

It’s going to be very interesting to identify the best keywords for this business – I look forward to this project.

With Search Engine Optimization I get to learn a lo about so many different businesses – that’s what keeps me going !

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  1. Those are actually really cool pictures.

    Love the first picture.

    Yeah SEO is fun, I

  2. What an amazing operation. Really cool pictures. How much marble is actually produced from that one location?

  3. My son in law installs marble counters. Neat to see how they mine it.

  4. The pictures look a little blurry and i guess thats due to the ‘underground’ effect and also the moist environment. I always wanted to visit one myself but never got a chance yet. Great to see you having this opportunity 🙂

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  6. those are really cool picture 😀 I wish i have the chance to go there some days 😀

  7. Natures rules! Nice to be far from home :))

  8. mermer

    those are really cool pictures, thanks for the publish

  9. How can i find more pictures?

  10. Marble Restorer

    The White Carara is really amazing stone, is widely used in bathrooms, in kitchen countertops, it is very popular for building steps.

  11. I love Italy and Italian marble. I am sure the tour will attract a lot of tourists.

  12. Granite Countertops Phoenix

    White Carrara is a beautiful stone and actually very inexpensive as compared to some other marbles. We fabricate and install granite and marble and the White Carrara is one of the more popular choices along with Crema Marfil. Haven’t been to the marble quarries in Italy but have visited many granite quarries in Brazil.

  13. Natural Stone

    WOW. these pictures are really nice and its engineering. I’ve been to many quarries here in Pakistan but this quarry is nothing like it. It’s like largest salt quarry in Pakistan.