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Multilingual SEO Forum
If you are faced with the problem of communicating in more than one language Multilingual SEO Forums is the place to be.

I am a moderator and will be supporting readers having problems related to the Italian market.

Many of us are part of a clique and live in a global world where English is the predominant language, but there are billions of people out there sitting in their homes and offices and searching in their native language – is your website tapping into the local markets ??

Today I was in touch with a US based company, we had a teleconference about a keyword research project I had done for them. We walked through the process of translating the original keyword list they provided. In fact that list was a mere guide line I used to get a feel for the products and their strategy.

I explained the process of reviewing the website, analyzing pages and products, searching local search engines, in order to come up with a “translated” list of keywords.

When speaking about the regional versions of Google they referred to Italy as “” – it’s, the UK and Commonwealth countries have a .co intermediate TLD extension  …

Look forward to seeing you in the forum !

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  1. Web certain has started a forum and i am sure it will be the first that will address all the issues in the field of Multilingual SEO.All the best.