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second life

These hot summer days (today we hit 34 °C here where I live) are ideal for conversations under the Baobab Tree.

A few days ago, Telecom Italia, a multinational multi billion dollar corporation, announced the launch of a massive Second Life effort.

I find nothing wrong with it in principle. They must have (may have … ) done their maths and computations on branding, the impact on their image and brand perception, and all those spine tingling issues that make big corporations tick.

But from a simpler web marketing / reputation management point of view I think things could and should have been managed differently.

For a start their existing online (and offline) reputation is far from excellent: There is no corporate blog, no company bloggers, only call centers, human firewalls to protect management from complaints; no conversations. If you have a complaint you have to send a fax

It looks like they wish to leap frog into the future, to their second life – but what about the 1st one ?

Where did all the doctrine and the writings about opening up corporations with blogs ? There’s no sign of this going on here.

From the outside, it looks like someone in Telecom decided second life is the place to be so they are going there. Some have decided to leave.

Being a long term Client of Telecom, and living in Italy, I am well aware of technical problems and issues that have generated a less than outstanding corporate image.

I would have thought that a few blogs would have been a step in the right direction to interact with Clients and achieve a level of transparency that is necessary to improve their reputation.

I must be wrong … or am I ?