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Web 2.0 – Social Search Engines

The recent rise in users flocking to web 2.0 sites is raising questions and the interests of web marketeers (like myself).

Many of us are observing social networks and building sustainable business models, with a positive impact on web site ROI. Questions like:

  • how are people using this information ?
  • which are the benefits to the end user ?
  • who should implement web 2.0 ?
  • what are people using social networks for after all ?
  • have users identified social networks as search services ?
  • are social bookmarking sites also social search sites ?

find no easy or definite answers at this point in time. There are different views that animate an ongoing debate.

People are searching bookmarking sites to identify products, services, and (share) information.

Social bookmarking sites achieve top positions on SERPs .

I tend to believe that search engines are favoring these web sites because they are to be privileged in view of an additional value that thay provide and thus enrich the users experience.

In a nutshell the search engines are telling the user:

“hey take a look at this social bookmarking page, it was compiled by other users like yourself and has been tagged with keywords that are closely related (or equal) to your query, so if I were you I’d take a look at what they have to say on this topic”

If this were the case the assumption that social bookmarking is more than just a massive collection of bookmarks is accurate. it’s a set of organized information that is there to be shared and searched. To me it looks like a social search engine.

The particular value (recognized by the search engines) is in the tagging which confers a collective reputation to a site. I believe this is the most important aspect from a search perspective.

Social bookmarking plays another very important role when it comes to identifying rare resources that are hard to come by: millions of documents are invisible because of poor web site design and see the light of day thanks to tagging and social bookmarking … the discussion continues.