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Web Page Titles and META Descriptions – a perfect example for you

HTML code titles and meta descriptions for your web pages 

This afternoon I switched into weekend mode. Normally I do a bit of desktop and mental cleaning, research, and a bit of pleasure surfing.

These days I am awaiting my new toy – a ZEN Vision M. It was a toss up between the new iPod and the ZEN. But that’s another story 🙂

Creative ZEN-Vision-M, 60 Gbyte MP3 playerSo what do I do on a Saturday afternoon between on thing and the next ? I go to the Creative web site and check WHERE THE HELL MY NEW TOY IS.

After all I’m only a kid and I WANT MY TOY NOW !!

But my inner child went back into hiding when I noticed something strange while browsing the web pages of the object of my desire … it was the top left had corner of the browser that caught my eye (I love Flock).


Screenshot browser Flock - The web page I found without a title

Hey there is no title on this page

So I surfed some additional pages of the site and noticed the product page did have a title and a description – it’s the SHOP section that is orphaned of titles and descriptions

Let’s say that it’s a work in progress situation at Creative and they are actively working to implement web page titles and meta descriptions in the very near future … (Hello Creative ?)

But consider just for a moment what would happen if this were your web site.

From my perspective the SHOP section should be attracting customers wanting to purchase online via search engine optimization and (consequent) organic placement. This isn’t happening and it translates into lost sales (Christmas shopping is under way …)

Why ? It’s simple. I ran a query for Creative Vision M and they are where they should be: N° 1 on the search engines.

Then I ran the query buy creative vision M, and they are not on the first page.

What is happening is that Creative is providing users with useful technical information, but then, when the users are ready to purchase they are going to other sites where they buy online – what a mistake !

So while we are all talking web 2.0 and the tremendous leaps and bounds web technology makes on a daily basis, these things still occur.

Titles and Descriptions can still be overlooked.