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When A Client becomes an Evangelist …

It was a beautiful Monday morning, September 3rd and I was in hospital waiting for my my wife Mary to come back from the operating theater – some minor surgery in day hospital.

My cell phone rang and I saw an unfamiliar number, nobody I deal with on a regular basis. It was Sandro.

“Hello Mr. Achille, my name is Sandro … you might remember me, we met in Milan I attended your Search Engine Optimization Management seminar in March …”

“Yes I do remember you Sandro” was my reply as I described him physically – he was amazed I had such a vivid memory of him, after all we had met only once and exchanged business cards as usual after the seminar.

But there was something different about Sandro – He had stopped to talk after the seminar and I caught a particular interest in web marketing, he liked my approach.

I took a few notes on the back of his business card (I always do that because I have a visual memory so I need to be descriptive about things that will help me recall events and circumstances).

Little did I know I was dealing with an Evangelist ((According to Jeremy Wright customers fall into one of 5 categories – Evangelists " … have had so many positive experiences with your company and/or product that whenever a subject even mildly related to your company, products or services come up in  conversation, they just have to tell everyone about it … "))

Every Professional, Consultant, and Company needs Evangelists: They are the life of your business. Sandro became my Evangelist that day …

He contacted me because he was organizing an event and wanted me to give a presentation on the integration of web marketing and traditional business.

Sandro explained his needs and set the objectives of the event and we were ready to go …

The idea is quite simple. In an (offline) world of traditional solutions there is a need to differentiate and stand out – you need to go online and tap into a new market and engage the user.

If Sandro’s Clients increase their reach (and sales) so would he: That’s why he took the lead showing his Clients where they are and where they should be going – that was my job …

40 top Clients were picked up at their door step at dawn throughout Italy and arrived at 10:00 AM sharp in a beautiful location in the north of Italy.

Everything was planned and executed to the perfection. I spoke for just under 2 hours – the event was a complete success.

This will certainly bring more (quality) business in the very near future – Evangelists call (=bring along with them) more Evangelists … keep your eye out for them …