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Where you can sleep for € 15,00 per night in Tuscany

The amount of work and travel has significantly increased over the past 3 weeks. So many things going on and the presentation for the forthcoming conference have put me under pressure.

One of my commitments was yet another trip to Tuscany, Abbadia San Salvatore. I had a full immersion meeting with a small company interested in web site optimization and web 2.0 for hotels and recreation facilities.

Abbadia San Salvatore is a bit difficult to reach, although not very far from where I live. I decided to travel and be on site the night before so I’d be fresh the following morning.

They booked a hotel room for me. The secretary told me it was in the same building so the location was ideal – sounds perfect I said to myself. They mentioned the price would be around € 15,00. I thought that was the cost for a continental breakfast: then i discovered it was the price for my 1 night stay …

albergo-roma in Abbadia San Salvatore Tuscany Here is a photo I took of the hotel the morning after while having breakfast at the local coffee bar across the street.

The Hotel hasn’t been renovated in quite some time, and could do with a fresh look to make it more appealing.

The room was comfortable and had a new color TV and a small fridge with a few refreshments.

The hotel is quite small and at this time of the year they do not serve breakfast, although they’ll gladly make you a cappuccino or expresso coffee before checking out.

Very peaceful and comfortable, there was a desk where I set up my PC and work out of my 3G mobile phone (no wireless connections available, no high speed internet in the hotel rooms).

I didn’t think there would be hotels charging as little as that – they are still around.

This Hotel is nowhere to be found on the Internet – try searching yourself.

I didn’t ask if search engine visibility would be of interest – the owner didn’t look like he was very much into the web …

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  1. For that price, we can’t really expect broadband wireless high speed roaming. I think, it is just good enough to have nice sleep and rest for next day work.