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Blogsot Update for WordPress 2.2

Wordpress - Plugin for multilingual blogging and page lay out management

I’ve recently launched a WordPress Plugin that allows you to manage your content and use WordPress as CMS.

If this is the first you hear of this plugin, Blogslot is a WordPress Plugin written for those seeking a quick and easy way to manage presentation of content in menus, without having to be a coder or php guru. If you have been using WordPress and blog in different languages you know just how difficult it is to organize things to your liking and to that of your users.

Upon upgrading to WordPress 2.2 I noticed problems related to the category management area so the plugin was upgraded.

Download and install the upgrade. If you haven’t used it before get started now. If you are a multilingual blogger it will literally change your blog – really … For detailed information on how Blogslot can help read: Use WordPress as a CMS

15 Replies

  1. Hi!
    All true, I also moved to 2.2 and not become problems.
    Just got interesting plugins supplement under this version

  2. This is second time when I visit your blog posts and I get so useful information. I’m gonna be a daily reader of your posts. Thanks.

  3. content management system

    Quite a handy little plugin. I hope this also works with wordpress 2.5

  4. I’ve been instal WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin one week ago and the last update to WordPress 2.6 was made automatically. Exactly you was saying no one need to be an expert in PHP…

  5. Brilliant post, thanks!

  6. Really great plug in for sure. I’d check out some of the other plugins available too. Internet Marketing Blog

  7. nice plugin!
    Organisation is the key to sucess….I still need a little work.

  8. Is this some real thing? I can’t believe that we have such plug-ins. I always have to write different posts foe different languages. I think this is going to be the best solution.

  9. Great plugin, i’ve dropped it into a couple of blogs i administer, and i must say it works a treat !

  10. Very interesting pluggin. It really does help keeping things organized.

  11. Will give this a try, I need something like this to keep on top of things at my site.

    Thanks for the helpful post!

  12. Thanks for the info. Going to try this out myself.

  13. Your plug-in is awesome! I’ll definetly gonna check it. Thanks for your good job 😉

  14. just tried it, struggled but worth it.

    SEO Leeds

  15. Sice the time I have been blogging on WP, I have always looked forward to the various plug-ins that come through. They have always facilitated my work