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  1. Thanks for the anti-spam plugin link.

  2. Hmmm plugin seems interesting but seems it can mess with RSS feeds guess it needs some tweaking or something to work properly.

  3. Thank’s. Anti-spam plugin is beauitiful

  4. Thank you for the anti leech link.

    IT helps

  5. I will try anything anti-spam.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lovin the plugin!

    using it on another blog of mine!

  7. Yeah, that anit-spam plugin rocks! I didn’t have any trouble at all installing or activating it and it is doing a FINE job! Thanks for the tip!!

  8. Fantastic plugins – thanks for the tips.

  9. Wow! You have got a nice collection of plugins there. They are very useful indeed!

  10. Belajar

    Automatic Affiliate Datafeed Profit System 2 WordPress Plugin is the plugin that I wanted for my affiliates campaign.
    My country (Malaysia) just been accepted back by CB and I want to start serious on making some bucks through blog affiliate marketing.

  11. Anti-spam plugin is beauitiful. Thank you for information.

  12. Your website is rather… narrow on my 22″ lcd

  13. SEO Alchemist

    I’ve been looking for a decent plugin like this one.


    SEO Alchemist

  14. jim

    Just what I was needing!!


  15. The anti-leech plugin sounds good, but apparently there are issues with it.

    I will wait until they are sorted first.

    Thanks for the links though.

  16. Life saver… thanks for the plugin… Any updates on these yet?

  17. Zion

    Very interesting post! I will share it to my subscribers at Best Home Based Business Opportunities

    Thanks and more power to you!

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  18. The Noob

    That anti-leech plugin looks awesome. thanks for the heads up.

  19. Very nice plugins, thanks heaps!

    – Simon Slade

  20. Pretty nice plugins especially Affiliate Datafeed profit system.

    Nice work!

  21. Nice plugin. Thanks. I will try AntiLeech Plugin.

  22. Great plugins.
    I gonna try AntiLeech WordPress Plugin ASAP.

    Thanks a lot!

  23. I know many affiliate plugins for WordPress and all of them are basically the same. Don’t do much and do the exact same stuff. This actually looks a bit more professional so I will give it a try.

  24. Really good plug-in, smooth installation and it works great! Thanks!

  25. Very helpful infos indeed!

  26. I am using akismet plugin to defend from spam.Look under control till today.

  27. I love Affiliate Datafeed and work very well for me, Good job

  28. Branson Computer Service

    I actually had some problems getting the anti-leech plugin to function properly with my previous word press instalation. But since then, I have upgraded it and everything seems to working perfectly. I hate spamm! Thanks for the great post…

  29. I think Affiliate Datafeed is free, any body know where is review about this product.?

  30. Full of information ! Love it. Because of this, I had to Stumble your post. You’ll get lots of traffic from me ;).

    Keep up the quality !